Double Major in ENSP and Economics

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Double Major in ENSP & Economics

The Bachelor Arts degree with a double major in Economics and Environmental Studies and Planning is intended for those students whose particular academic and career interests lie in natural resources economics, economic planning, energy management and/or community development and redevelopment. The double major is designed especially for capable students who later intend to pursue graduate studies in natural resource management, environmental policy, urban planning, law, or related career fields. Students pursuing the double major must declare their majors in both departments. Academic advising takes place in both departments.

The major requirements in both Economics and ENSP shown below apply only to students pursuing the double major. Requirements for a major only in Economics or ENSP may differ considerably from these. Students should seek information and advising in the appropriate department. The Economics requirements are shown below, followed by the requirements in three distinct tracks in ENSP related to this double-major — Natural Resources, Urban Planning, and Energy Management and Design.

Economics Major Requirements (28 units)

The following classes are a required core.

Economics Core
Course Units
ECON 204 Introduction to Macroeconomics 4
ECON 205 Introduction to Microeconomics 4
ECON 304 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory 4
ECON 305 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 4
ECON 317 Introduction to Econmetrics (note prerequisite of Math 165 or ECON 217) 4

Students then choose two additional economics electives in consultation with an Economics advisor.

Economics Recommended Electives
Course Units
ECON 322 Urban and Regional Economics 4
ECON 381 Natural Resources & Environmental Economics 4
ECON 411 Seminar in Public Finance 4
ECON 426 Seminar in History of Economic Thought 4
ECON 481 Ecological Economics 4


ENSP Major Requirements (31-34 units)

1. Natural Resources Track - (32 - 33 units) - Advisor: Prof. Laura Watt (RCH 24 -
Course Units
GEP 315 Environmental Forum 1
GEP 340 Applied Ecology 4
Must take two of three courses listed below:  
GEP 330 Environmental History OR 4
GEP 335 Environmental Policy OR 4
GEP 336 Environmental Law 3
GEP 341 Conservation Biology 4
GEP 317 Internship 4
GEP 310 Senior Seminar C&R 2

Required Electives:

Six units in ENSP selected in consultation with a C&R advisor according to the student’s career goals.

2. Urban Planning Track - (31 - 34 units) - Advisor: Prof. Tom Jacobson (RCH 7 -
Course Units
Required Courses:
GEP 360 Introduction to Planning 3
GEP 361 Planning Theory and Methodology 4
GEP 362 Environmental Impact Reporting 3
GEP 493A Planning Workshop 4
GEP 493B Planning Workshop 4
GEP 363 Land Use Law 3
GEP 411 Senior Seminar 1
Required Electives: Must take at least three courses listed below:  
GEP 340 Applied Ecology 4
GEP 368 Urban Design l: The Urban Form 3
GEP 369 Urban Design II: Placemaking 3
GEP 364 Environmental Planning 4
GEP 366 Planning for Sustainable Communities 3
GEP 367 Transportation Planning 3
GEP 317 Internship 3


3. Energy Management and Design Track (32-33 units) - Advisor: Prof. Daniel Soto (RCH 12 -
Course Units
Required Courses:
GEP 315 Environmental Forum 1
GEP 373 Energy, Technology and Society 4
GEP 473 Thermal Energy Management 4
GEP 474 Electrical Energy Management 4
GEP 416 Energy Forum (can be taken twice) 2
Must take at least three of the four courses listed below  
GEP 475 Passive Solar Design 4
GEP 476 Small Scale Energy Sources 4
GEP 477 Computer Applications in Energy Management 3
GEP 317 Internship 4

Required Electives:

A minimum of 6 units selected in consultation with the EMD advisor.