ETCThe Environmental Technology Center (ETC) incorporates a wide range of sustainable building techniques and design features that minimize energy use, consuming less than 50% of the energy allowed by state code for similar buildings. The “Green Building” features include: passive solar heating and cooling, daylighting, advanced window systems, “smart building” control technologies, photovoltaics, and energy and water-efficient landscaping.

While roughly one third of the energy in the U.S. is consumed in buildings, the ETC shows that this figure can be dramatically reduced, and thus our dependence on fossil fuels as well as our contribution to global climate change.

Beyond serving as an inspirational demonstration project, the ETC is a “building that teaches,” designed for people to see, touch, and understand how it works and for students and building science researchers to manipulate and measure its every function.

Along with increasing public awareness, the ETC offers students, researchers, and professionals in the building and energy sector an opportunity to gain further understanding and practical experience with implementing green design so that today’s state-of-the-art may become tomorrow’s standard building practice.

The ETC hosts university courses, professional seminars, and tours for the general public.