Steve Orlick

Emeritus Professor, Environmental Studies and Planning
Ph.D. and Masters, Urban Planning, University of Washington

Academic and Professional Interests:

Professor Orlick has been a planning commissioner and consultant, and was three term Director of the Northern California Section of the American Planning Association.  He was Chair of the SSU Faculty and Chair of the Academic Senate in 1998-99.  During his Fall 2000 sabbatical, he traveled on the East Coast to photograph many new towns and New Urbanist communities.  His interests and expertise are in environmental planning, impact assessment and reporting, comprehensive community planning, planning theory, urban design, and transportation planning. His most recent research and writing is related to the value of a formal education in planning. He is also an avid golfer and carries an 8 handicap!

Course Offerings:

  • GEP 360 - Introduction to Planning
  • GEP 361 - Planning Theory and Methodology
  • GEP 368 - Urban Design 1: The Urban Form
  • GEP 362 - Environmental Impact Reporting
  • GEP 493A - Planning Workshop Fall
  • GEP 493B - Planning Workshop Spring
  • GEP 369 - Urban Design II: Placemaking
  • GEP 367 - Transportation Planning