The Department grants distiction to Geography majors who have contributed exceptional service to the Department. Recent recipients of the honor include:

Spring 2017: Andrew Fowler and Raelyn Caldwell

Andrew Fowler and Raelyn Caldwell

Raelyn Caldwell - From my first semester at Sonoma State, my appreciation for Geography and the interconnectedness we all share has not only grown, but matured immensely. Geography cannot simply be described in one sentence because geography is everything: from our physical location in space, it’s our place in community, it’s an analysis of relationships, and it’s the study of how our experiences in this world changes us. This is why I chose to study Geography. I wanted to figure out how I could make an impact. Each of the professors in this department care so much about the impact they have on their students, and that in itself fosters a community not easily forgotten. Within our graduating class, many of my classmates have become good friends and the work they’ve put in this year makes me hopeful to see some real changes in our world. I am grateful for my time with this department, the relationships formed, and the opportunities now available to me because I chose to join this band of geographers. 

Andrew Fowler - When I first entered Sonoma State University my thought processes toward Geography were mainly Geopolitical.  I thought any job or career option I had was directly or indirectly related to gaining resources and exploitation.  It became depressing.  I was working in the wine industry and realized that even highly educated privileged members of our society did not know the difference between Geography and Geology.  I was concerned that our planet as a whole was nearing multiple tipping points and yet its population didn’t know basic science.  Even in the most powerful country in the history on the world.  Embarrassing and shocking to say the least. I was concerned.
            The Geography program and its professors at Sonoma State University has given me hope.  Although many of the people in our country may be immersed in consumerism and entertainment, there are many people who are not.  Our world is in dire straits no doubt, but there are people making positive change.  The professors at SSU have led by example on how to help create a better future for our world.  Thank you to everyone at SSU for pointing me in a positive direction!





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