Internships for Geography majors

Hours per Credit

  • 45 hours per unit of credit
  • Typical semester: 6 hours of work per week for 15 weeks = 2 units of credit
  • Students may sign up for a minimum of 2 units and a maximum of 5 units
  •  You do not have to complete ALL of your hours during the 15 week semester. You can take an incomplete. Or, you can start the internship before actually signing up for the units so long as you have approval of your advisor.



  • a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA.
  • If you do not meet this requirement or do not intend to complete a formal internship through the department, please do not indicate or suggest that you are representing SSU in seeking an internship.

  • Students who exceed the 16-unit cap and are not graduating in the semester in which they are doing the internship will need to meet the 3.0 criterion for Internships.
  • Students who are graduating that same semester do not need to meet the 3.0 criterion for Internships.

Signing Up

    You do NOT register for this class in the usual way. Instead, you do the following:

  • Download an internship form here (or pick one up from your advisor):
  • Fill out the internship form in consultation with your advisor. Your advisor will pass the form along for signatures to the Chair and Dean, and it will then be submitted to Admissions and Records.
  • Later in the semester, you will notice that Admissions and Records has added the course to your course load
  • Grade option: CR/NC only


  • Usually the last day to add/drop a class. Check the academic calendar for the exact date.

Assignments for Getting Credit

  • 2-page essay describing your duties, experiences, and personal observations, including how this experience contributed to your geography education.
  • A letter from your employer or supervisor verifying the number of hours that you worked, and confirming that you performed the job satisfactorily .

Assistance with Cost of Travel to Internships

  • The School of Social Science typically has travel award applications each semester, information on the application process and deadlines will be sent to all students via email.

FYI: You are not covered by SSU's workers' comp policies during an internship.  If you have any concerns over this issue, you should talk to the agency for whom you plan to work and ask about their policy before signing up.