Why Major in Geography

Geographers study and analyse the relationships between human activities and the natural and built environment. Thus, Geography is a discipline that combines both the physical and the social sciences and provides students with the skills and conceptual frameworks needed to understand the complex processes shaping the world around us

What Geographers Want to Know

How to understand and respond to environmental change:

  • How are we changing the physical environment of Earth's surface?
  • How can we best preserve biological diversity and protect endangered ecosystems?
  • How are climate and other environmental changes affecting the vulnerabilities of coupled human-environment systems?

How to promote sustainability:

  • Where and how will 10 billion people live?
  • How will we sustainably feed everyone in the coming decade and beyond?
  • How does where we live affect our health?

How to recognize and cope with the rapid spatial reorganization of economy and society:

  • How is the movement of people, goods, and ideas changing the world?
  • How is economic globalization affecting inequality?
  • How are geopolitical shifts influencing peace and stability?

How to leverage technological change for the benefit of society and environment:

  • How might we better observe, analyze, and visualize a changing world?
  • What are the societal implications of citizen mapping and mapping citizens?

What Careers Geographers Pursue

  • GIS Technician / Analyst
  • Teacher / Professor
  • Cartographer
  • Remote Sensing Technician / Analyst
  • Natural Resource Manager
  • Park Ranger
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Marketing or Location Analyst for a Business
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Journalist / Reporter / News Analyst
  • Urban Planner
  • Rural Economic Development Planner
  • Transportation Planner
  • Water Resources Planner
  • Public Interest Advocate