GLBL students stuying and serving the global community in Latin America


Brittany Davis       UnTecho Para Chile in Santiago Chile - Spring 10

Brittany Davis

"I had the amazing opportunity to work with the organization UnTecho Para Chile (A Roof For Chile) building temporary homes for people that lost theirs in the [February 27, 2010] earthquake"

"Un Techo Para Chile [stresses] the importance of interacting with the famillies that we were building homes for. They want us to have conversations with them about their experience and encourage them"

"I observed that most families that I worked with had very few posessions and had just endured an extreme hardship, yet they were still positive and so thankful for the help we were giving them"

"This experience made me think about aid and volunteer work on a broader level because it taught me that helping people in need is not only for the victims, it is for the volunteer as well. I feel that I received just as much, if not more, from helping these Chilean families"



Colette Bakke    Sadhana Forest         Anse-A-Pitre, Haiti- Spring 10

Colette Bakke

"The goals of Sadhana Forest are reforestation and water conservation . . . there is also a lot of work done [] to maintain a sustainable lifestyle . . . tending to food gardens and composting waste . . . The hope is that when local people see our efforts . . . . they will become curious and learn about our practices so that they can bring them into their own homes."

"The project that I was part of [] was preparing for, and the planting of, Mayan Nut Trees . . . . This meant that we [] needed to build nurseries . . . . raised beds . . . fill them with soil and build shade over the top . . . "

" I will now have less fear when it comes to traveling alone in strange places. Also, I hope to be more aware of stereotypes . . . I'll never forget how safe I actually felt walking the streets and spending time in town."

""there are many things that I can take into other opportunities as I move forward into. . . my future career. I had to work with, and in this case, live with people who I may not have gotten along with very well. Another problem I encountered was having to figure out ways to communicate my needs when there were langauge barriers."



Emily Bridgewater in Cheyumil through Vive Mexico Workcamps Sum '10

Emily Bridgewater

"The community of Cheyumil proposed to host . . . a summer workshop . . . in which children and young people could learn different subjects such as recycling, languages, arts, and dances from international volunteers"

"Some of the most important experiences from this internship abroad were: working through language barriers with others; truly living in a poor country and exepriencing their 'normal'; seeing the gratitude on each parents' face when their child got their certificate of completion from the course; and most of all, truly making a difference in each child's life."

Emily Bridgewater







Lauren Wyer Clean    Burning Stove Project      Urubamba, Peru   Winter '11

Lauren Wyer

"In the Clean Burning Stove Project, my roomomate and I were paired together and spent a majority of our time trying to improve the old version of the adobe 'stove.' The main goal of this stove is to not only create a chimney leading out of the house so that there is less smoke inhilation amongst those dwelling within the house but also to lessen the time it takes a family to boil water . . . we did everything from altering the shape of the stove, changing the size of pots . . . ."

"Another project I worked on was the creation of clean water filters . . . . I also spent time creating a bulletin board [] which visually expressed the importance of a water filter"

"the trip in general was almost a reality slap from what I had anticipated. . . . where clean water was a luxury and not always available. I felt so spoiled . . . ."



Melanie Perez and Max Smoot   ASTOP      Parismina, Costa Rica   Sum '11

Max Smoot

"ASTOP, or Asociacio Salvemo Las Tortugas de Parismina [] was an organization set up to pretect sea turtles. . . .Volunteers patrol six kilometers of so of the beach at night . .. when a turle lays their eggs, the volunteers take them and hide them or take them to the hatchery . . . "

" . . . .we worked on establishing a large garden for two purposes: to show the local people what they can do with their limited amount of resources, and to provide food for the families that were hosting volunteers"

" my other main duty was picking up trash . .. we picked up an average of eight large bags a day . . . ."

Melanie Perez

"It was very sad to see the very few people working hard to take action to protect their community and others just sitting around . .. . it is very hard to get anyone motivated . . . I can see how easy it woudl be to get sucked into the slow life . . . ."

" This was a much different experience for me now, as a Global Studies Major, because I was able to understand the many contributing factors that kept this place in the less developed realm . . . . "