Honors Graduates

The Department grants distiction to majors who have contributed exceptional service to the Department. Recent recipients of the honor include:


Fall 2017: Claudia Sisomphou and Sastra McGinley

Andrew Fowler and Raelyn Caldwell

Claudia Sisomphou - When I first came to SSU, I was undeclared and unsure of what major I wanted to pursue … but to be honest, I was hesitant to commit to a degree with the title of “environmental studies”.  However, as I complete my final semester of college, I could not be more proud of my decision to study planning in our Environmental Studies and Planning Department. The courses, opportunities, experiences, collection of knowledge, and holistic approach to understanding topics that I gained from choosing this major will be invaluable to how I navigate, and become a leader in, today’s world. Our department does an incredible job highlighting the connection between social, environmental, and economic interests using real, and relevant, examples that are happening all over the globe today.  



Andrew Fowler and Raelyn Caldwell

Sastra McGinley - When I left a decade-long career for college I wasn't certain what I would study, only that I wanted to help make the world a better place. Through intensive classes, open office doors and impromptu hallway discussions my teachers at SSU GEP have engaged my curiosity and supported me in focusing and fortifying my goals. My fellow students and I share the same hopeful determination which has bolstered my certainty that I will bring scientifically and observationally informed creative solutions to areas that need our attention.  The faculty and my peers in GEP have helped me redefine what I am capable of and discover what interests me. 




Andrew Fowler and Raelyn Caldwell
Spring 2017



Blake Bardisso and Monica Dimson

Marsenne Torchia

Frank Gravante

Michael Warner and John Allison

Jill Thorton