Senior Portfolio

Global Studies Majors create a portfolio of academic products that they develop over the course of their studies and experiences at SSU and beyond.

Students start this project in GLBL 350a and turn in the final product by the end of their senior capstone thesis GLBL 498.

I. Purpose:

  • To encourage you to think more holistically about how you are using this college experience to your best advantage
  • To encourage you to think more critically about how to choose academic courses, a service internship and a senior thesis topic that, together, contribute towards your career goals
  • To encourage you to create a larger story about who you are and what you want to do in the future – perhaps embodied in the career statement
  • To help you develop your 30-second elevator pitch
  • To provide critical evidence to the Global Studies Steering Committee as it assesses the Global Studies Program

II. What to Include

  • 1. Career Statement
  • 2. CV
  • 3. Resume
  • 4. List of Relevant Coursework
  • 5. Service Internship Essay
  • 6. Senior Capstone Thesis

III. Putting it together in Powerpoint

    Students are asked to develop this portfolio in PowerPoint. While not very versitle or professional, it meets the needs of the Department. When you have finished developing your product and are ready to share it with the world, you are encouraged to use a provisional medium, such as LinkedIn.

      How to embed files in PowerPoint

    • First, put all of your files into one folder
    • Click your mouse where you want the file icon to show up (it will appear as a small Word Doc icon with a title that you choose underneath)
    • to go insert
    • click object
    • select "create from file"
    • browse for file
    • check the "display as icon" box
    • and select "change icon" button
    • you can select the look of your icon and name it
    • ok and ok
    • it will load and then you can move it and resize it as needed
    • with a double click, the document that is now embedded into your powerpoint presentation will open!
    • After embedding the icon you must tell the program what to do with it:

    • Select the icon
    • Go to the Action settings dialog box in the Insert menu
    • Select the Mouse Click tab.
    • Select “object action”
    • In the dropdown menu that opens select “Open”
    • Then select OK

IV. Examples