Samuel Cohen

Title: Assistant Professor

Concentration: Ancient and Medieval History

Education: PhD, University of Toronto

Office: Stevenson 2070C

Phone: (707) 664-2415



Dr. Samuel Cohen is a historian of ancient and medieval history, focusing on late and post-Roman Italy and the Mediterranean world. He is particularly interested in social and religious deviance and its reconciliation. His current research considers the problem of Ostrogothic ‘Arianism’ in fifth- and sixth- century Italy, the language of heresy, and the development of the institutional authority of the early medieval bishops of Rome. Samuel has taught courses on a variety of subjects including the Roman Empire, the early Middle Ages, and the history of medieval Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Born and raised in Toronto, Samuel defies Canadian stereotypes by not particularly liking hockey.


HIST 201, Foundations of World Civilization
HIST 408, The Early Middle Ages 

Selected Scholarship:

"Schism and the Polemic of Heresy: Manichaeism and the Representation of Papal Authority in the Liber Pontificalis." Journal of Late Antiquity 8, no. 1 (2015).

“Religious Diversity." In A Companion to Ostrogothic Italy, edited by Michael Shane Bjornlie, Kristina Sessa and Jonathan J. Arnold. (Brill, forthcoming 2016).

Review of Ross Balzaretti, Dark Age Liguria: Regional Identity and Local Power c. 400-1020. The Medieval Review (TMR), 2015.