History Honors Program

In brief, admission to the program will require, in addition to History Major Requirements: 

  • Junior status
  • 3.5 grade point average overall (or at Sonoma State University)
  • Completion of specific major courses (see below)

Successful completion of the program will require: 

  • Maintenance of a 3.5 grade point average
  • Proficiency in a second language equivalent to one year’s university level work
  • Completion of a senior honors thesis in a 4-credit honors seminar 

To apply for the Honors Program, or to answer further questions, contact Professor Kathleen Noonan.


Eligible students have junior status, a 3.5 grade point average, and have completed the following courses or their equivalent.  Two of the upper division courses must be taken at Sonoma State University.

These courses are part of the History Major:

History Honors Program Courses
Courses Title Credits
History 201, 202 World Civilization 6 credits
History 251, 252 (241, 242) History of the Americas 6 credits
Two upper division history courses   6-8 credits
History 391(recommended, but not required) The Study of History 4 credits


In their junior year, or at latest, the beginning of their senior year, students apply to enter the History Honors degree program.  If accepted, they then take:

History Honors Program
Courses Title Credits
History 498 (or designated course) Senior Seminar 4 credits
Electives in History
(including one course in European history and one in non-European, non-U.S)
  20 credits
History 498H Honors Seminar 4 credits

Required units for History major:                    40
Required units for History Honors degree:     44


History Honors Degree Requirements

  1. Students develop a senior thesis topic, usually in their Senior Seminar, and find a thesis advisor or advisors.  In the semester following their Senior Seminar, they write their honors thesis and present it to the Honors Thesis Seminar or other public form and the department.
  2. In addition, to complete a history honors degree, a student must demonstrate proficiency in reading a foreign language at a level comparable to one year of university-level language studies.  The honors advisor and the department will help the student to acquire and use a language that is related to his or her scholarly interests.  Proficiency can be demonstrated by the following:
    1. 4-8 units of college level language, or 102 level language study with a grade of B or better.
    2. Equivalent proficiency in a foreign language based on successful completion of an examination administered by or acceptable to the Foreign Languages Department.

Honors Program Application