Petition to Withdraw from SSU and Housing

Moving Out Early

Every resident signs a legal binding academic year license agreement prior to moving into the Residential Community. To move out prior to the end of the occupancy period this agreement may be vacated at the request of the resident upon approval by the University.

Petitioning to Vacate Does Not Imply Approval

It is highly recommended that students do not sign off-campus leases or make other rental commitments until their Petition to Vacate has been officially approved.

Immediate Release

Immediate release means that you are no longer a SSU student now or in the next semester; therefore, you are not eligible to live on campus.

A student may petition to withdraw from SSU and campus housing if they are leaving the University, graduating or participating in an exchange program. Usually these requests can be processed within two business days and do not typically require any additional documentation. Residents do need to vacate within 72 hours of withdrawing from the University or by the last day of the residential community being open , whichever comes first.

Petition to Vacate for Extraordinary Reasons

A Petition to Vacate for reasons other than change of student status are considered an extraordinary reasons, beyond the control of the student, which occurred after the license agreement was signed. These requests require supporting documentation and in most personal cases a discussion with a campus housing administrator. A financial or medical reason will most likely involve a phone conversation with a housing administrator.

Release Not Approved

Should the University deny the Petition to Vacate, the student will continued to be billed for the remainder of the Academic Year, regardless of their occupancy.

Guidelines and Form

Please print out the Guidelines for Petition to Vacate petition and read the information carefully. A resident must provide thirty days notice in order to avoid being assessed a $250 processing service fee.

Once you have read the guidelines, go ahead and download the Petition to Vacate - Extraordinary Reasons reasonsform depending on your circumstances. We recommend hand delivering the form to our office on the 3rd floor of the Student Center so we may provide you with a copy and answer any additional questions you might have.

If you are off-campus, please scan and email the Petition to with any supporting documentation.