New Applicants To SSU

#1 Reason for Living On-Campus:

First Time Freshman

About ninety percent of the first time freshman (FTF) class lives on campus in the Residential Community. Typically, they would be considered a student who has never attended a University before and has just recently graduated from high school. We like to house our first time freshman in the same areas so they can live with students with whom they share classes. This helps build a better and more interactive community.

Incoming Transfers

About twenty percent of the incoming transfers live on campus in the Residential Community. A typical transfer would be considered a student who has attended either a junior college or a different University and is now transferring to SSU.

Important Notice About Campus Housing Space

SSU does not guarantee campus housing to newly admitted students. We anticipate demand for campus housing exceeding availability for the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Academic Year. SSU does not have a live-on requirement for newly admitted students. Offers for campus housing are emailed on a first come, first serve basis to those students who have made all required University deposites (ERD, Orientation, Housing) as long as space is still available. Housing assignments are determined by the date of when you complete your online contract and select your living area.