Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions of our Housing Staff. Browse through these questions to see if the answer to your question is listed here. Don't hesitate to give us a call at (707) 664-2541 or email us with your questions at

Application Process & Down Payment

How do I apply for Housing?
Only students who have been admitted to SSU are eligible to apply for campus housing.
Freshman and Transfers
For more on how to apply for campus housing, please visit our Applying To SSU.
Current Residents
Information about applying to live on-campus for the next academic year is distributed to the resident's Seawolf Email account, starting late January/early February.
Current SSU Students
For students who are presently attending Sonoma State and live off campus, or took a semester off from attending SSU and are coming back, you can find information about applying on the Current SSU student webpage.
When should I apply for housing?
New Students: Once you have been admitted to the University. Housing is not guarantee and demand sometimes exceeds availability. Offers for campus housing are emailed on a first come, first serve basis to those students who have made all required University deposites (ERD, Orientation, Housing) as long as space is still available.
Does it cost anything to apply? Do I need to put a down payment?
New Students: Yes. In order to be considered to receive an offer to live on-campus, student's must pay a $300 housing down payment online. New students must also pay their Enrollment/Orientation Reservation Deposit bundle (deposit for classes).
I have paid a down payment and have now decided not to live on campus, is the deposit refundable
Half of the housing down payment is refundable if you notify Seawolf Service Center in writing by June 15; no refunds thereafter. December 15 is the deadline refund date for the Spring term.

Housing License Agreement

When are License Agreements sent?
New Students: License agreements are emailed starting early March and weekly thereafter on a space by space basis for the Fall term; mid to late October for the Spring term. You will need to accept the terms and conditions of the Student Housing License Agreement online. Living area, room types, roommate requests, and meal plan choices are also handled online through our RC ResidentWeb.
How long is my License Agreement for?
The License Agreement is a legal binding contract for the full academic year if you start in the Fall. If you start in the Spring then it's only in effect for the Spring semester.

Housing Payments

Payment Note

Payments should be made according to the Fee Schedule without regard to receipt of a statement.

How do I know when to make a Housing Payment?
A fee payment schedule listing due dates and amounts based on occupancy type is available online and referenced with the Housing Offer letter.
Are statements sent out each month?
The University does email monthly statements to those accounts with unpaid balances. These statements are emailed to the student's Seawolf Email account.
What if I do not pay my housing bill on time?
There is a $30 late fee assessed to accounts that are past due after the 10th of the month. If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to make a scheduled payment please let us know by sending an email to
How do I find out how much I owe?
Your Seawolf account is accessible 24 hours a day by logging into the Self Service feature of the "My SSU" portal page. You can also make a secured payment online by using a credit card; e.g., VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
Is there a convenience fee for paying with a credit card or debit card?
Payments on student accounts made online by credit or debit card will be charged a 2.75% non-refundable service fee by our third party provider, CASHNet® SmartPay. There are several simple options for students to avoid this fee. Student fees paid by financial aid will not be impacted by this change. For additional information, visit Credit Card Service Fee FAQ.


How do I know what areas are available to me?
Please review the information contained in the Prospective Residents section that pertains to your class level. This will provide you with what accommodations are available to you.
I am interested in coming to SSU, but I would like to view the different accommodations available. How do I schedule a tour?
If you are interested in scheduling a tour of the Residential Community as well as the rest of the University, you can do so by contacting Student Outreach Services at (707) 664-3029 or book a tour online. The tour guide will take you to various locations on campus and in the Residential Community. Prospective students will view a residential suite in the Zinfandel Village. Currently, this is our only show room available.
Is there a way to view the different types of residences not available on the tour?
Images of all of our apartments and suites are available online in our Gallery section. Most floor plans are included.
What are the dimensions of my room/living room/bathroom/kitchen?
We do post approximate dimensions of the various rooms and furniture. These are not exact calculations as they will vary to some degree depending on the location. Dimensions can be found in our Accommodations section.
I have a disability. How do I make sure that I am assigned a room that meets my needs?
Please contact Disability Services for Students (DSS) at (707) 664-2677 and let them know that you need special consideration for a housing assignment. DSS will request documentation supporting your condition and then will forward to Housing their recommendation of appropriate housing.

Room Assignments

When will I receive my Room Assignment information?
Room assignments are made and emailed by mid-July for Fall students and mid December for new Spring students.
How is the priority for room assignments established?
Housing assignments are determined by the date of when you complete your online contract and select your living area.
How are room assignments made for new students?
There are many factors to consider when making room assignments. The selection is determined by the Housing Priority, the preferred living environment, the room type requested, and if there is any roommate request to consider.
What if I am not happy with my room assignment?
There are opportunities once school starts to do a room change. Information will be available when you move in regarding how to do a proper room change.

Meal Plans

Additional information can be found on the Meal Plans page or visit the Culinary Services web site for specific meal plan choices and prices.

Am I required to be on a meal plan?
First Year Freshmen
First year college students are required to participate in a meal plan. The University dining experience contributes to the new student's familiarity with the Campus Community by providing nutritious meals in a social setting. (The cost of the meal plan is included in your Housing contracted rate.)
Transfer and Returning Students
As experienced members of the Campus Community, these students may purchase a meal plan with Seawolf Service Center directly.
Why am I required to be on a meal plan?
The reason for the requirement is that, along with providing nutritional food choices, meal plan participation provides daily contact and interaction with a variety of other students and staff members. We have found that this interaction is very helpful in adjusting to and persisting through the challenges of the first year of college.
What are my meal plan options?
Visit the Culinary Services web site for specific meal plan choices, meal plan offerings, and prices. First year freshmen required to be on the meal plan participate in the Unlimited Access plan.

Room Changes

My roommate and I just don't get along. What do I need to do to change rooms?
Room change information and procedures can be found on Current Residents Changing Rooms.
Can my suite mate and I switch rooms without getting approval or completing any paperwork?
No. All room changes including intra-suite moves require approval from either Housing Services or Residential Life prior to moving. This is so our directory information is current in case of an emergency, also for room damage billing purposes.
What will happen if I do move without approval?
If you decide to switch rooms without official approval from Residential Life and Housing, you could be charged up to $100.00 improper room change fee. Also, you will be required to move back to your original assignment.

Moving Out

Can I move off campus mid-semester?
Your license agreement is for a full academic year if you start in the Fall, and only for the Spring semester if you are new to the Residential Community for the Spring term. You must petition to vacate the Residential Community with Housing Services. Submitting the paperwork does not release you from your license agreement, it just starts the review process.
What do I need to do if I am withdrawing from the University mid-semester?
Please submit the appropriate paperwork with Admissions and Records for a term withdrawal. You must petition to vacate the Residential Community for an automatic release since you will no longer be a student. No additional documentation is required.
How can I break my contract if I am still attending SSU, but want to move off-campus?
You must petition to vacate the Residential Community for medical, personal, or financial reasons. Supporting documents demonstrating your situation are required. Please read the Guidelines provided with the form for specific details. Visit the page for additional information, specifically Approved Release.
What do I need to do if I know I'm not returning for the Spring semester?
Students not returning for the Spring semester must petition to vacate the Residential Community by November 15th to avoid being charged a $250 service fee.
If you are unsure about your student status due to grades or are considering transferring schools, you can submit a pending Petition. Doing this by November 15th gives you time to make a final decision without incurring the service fee.
What is the $250.00 service fee?
The service fee is assessed to anyone who moves out of the Residential Community prior to the end of the occupancy period without giving thirty (30) days notice.
Can I just pay the service fee and leave?
No. Paperwork and approval must be received prior to leaving the campus.
Can I just get myself kicked off to get out of my license agreement?
Student's who violate policy and are sanctioned to license agreement termination may be held responsible for rent for the remainder of the fee period. We do not advise students to break policy so they can move off-campus because the consequences and sanctions can be severe and may jeopardize your student status.
How do I check out of my room?
After removing your belongings and returning the room to its original condition, turn in your mailbox key to the Housing Office and have your ID card deactivated. Make sure you've checked your mailbox, cancelled any subscriptions and written your forwarding address and phone number on the Petition to Vacate.
What happens if I do not checkout by the end of the year checkout time?
Students who failed to check out by 11 a.m. on the day of Commencement are assessed a monetary penalty fee and may jeopardize their ability to return to campus housing. It's extremely important that the students plan accordingly when making their move out arrangements.
When do I get a refund?
You will get a prorated refund for housing payments already made minus any damage/cleaning/cancellation fees and any other unpaid University charges. This refund usually takes up to three weeks to be mailed out and received by the student. The refund will always be issued in the student's name.

Damage & Cleaning Charges

When and why would I get charged for damage or cleaning charges?
It is possible to be charged for three reasons:
  1. You placed a maintenance request because damage was caused by you.
  2. A suitemate/roommate moves out and there is apparent damage to a shared area during the room inspection.
  3. After checkout at the end of the academic year, there were damages or cleaning issues that were not previously listed on your Room Condition Form or you did not submit a Room Condition Form.
I did not complete a Room Condition form, but there was a hole in the door prior to me moving in. Why am I now being charged to replace the door?
When you moved in or switched rooms, you emailed the link to the Room Condition form. You were instructed to thoroughly inspect your room and the other common areas and to list any damages or items that were unclean. By not submitting the Room Condition form, we assume that your residence does not have any pre-existing damage or cleaning issues. Whatever is discovered during a room inspection is then charged to the current resident(s) accordingly.
Will I be notified of charges placed on my account?
If Housing Services charges your account a damage or cleaning fee during the academic year, you will be sent notification to your e-mail address that will include the amount and reason for the charge. If at the end of the academic year we find damages during the room inspection, your student account will be billed accordingly.
Can I dispute the charges?
Yes. You have the right to contest the charges once you have determined what the charges represent. You may do this by emailing Please include your name, the charge and the reason you believe it was recorded in error. You can expect a response within two weeks.
What if the damages are in my room, but another resident caused them?
Remember that you are responsible for your guest's behavior, which includes other residents invited into your room. However, they can take responsibility for any damages that affect another resident's account by filling out a Damage Responsibility Form in the Housing Office or go online and print one out.
Our recommendation is that after damage occurs, have the responsible resident fill it out immediately to avoid having to track them down later. This option is the sole responsibility of the resident incurring the charges.
Housing Services will not take responsibility for investigating who caused the damage. If it is in your suite/room, you are ultimately responsible.
How do you calculate charges that are in common living areas?
Damage and excessive cleaning found in common living areas (i.e. the living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc) is divided equally amongst all the residents. It is only fair to spread the cost across the board unless someone comes forward and claims responsibility.