Opening Weekend Services

Participating Offices and Weekend Hours

Several University Services will be available to you on both Saturday and Sunday. The times and locations will be included in your check-in packet; however, to help plan your move-in we have provided you with some of the more important items that you may want to handle Saturday and Sunday. It would be advantageous to get as much done as possible, so that you may have a couple of days of fun prior to classes starting.

Seawolf ID Card

Seawolf Service Center will be open during the their normal business hours to issue Student ID cards. Once you have a Fall 2010 sticker indicating your registration fees have been paid, your Student ID grants you access to the library and other activities on campus .

Maintenance Request

Facilities staff will be available to complete any maintenance requests (e.g.:leaky faucets, running toilets) that you may have. Call Seawolf Service Center at (707) 664-4021 (campus extension 44021) or visit them in Salazar Hall first floor to report any repairs needed or missing items listed on your inventory card.

Parking Decals

Any student who has a car is required to purchase a Residence Hall parking decal. The cost for Fall 2010 semester RH decal is $94.00 and can be purchased online through your MySSU account starting early August.

Office of Residential Life

As you are moving your personal belongings into your room, take a moment to introduce yourself to your Community Service Advisor — the student leader of your building — and other members of the Residential Life Staff. Residential Life handles the event programming, discipline, policy enforcement, and leadership opportunities for the Residential Community.

Computer Connections

In order for you to be connected to the University network, you must bring a computer with an ethernet ready network interface card and a twenty-five foot connection cable.

University Bookstore

Pick up your pre-ordered textbooks at the Bookstore, during Opening Weekend. The University Bookstore will also be open for other school related supplies.

Meal Plans and Eating Venues

First year college students are required to participate in a meal plan. You must select a plan by August 1st; otherwise you will be automatically placed on a 14 meal plan option and will not be able to change it until the Spring semester. You may also make a meal plan selection in person at Dining Services, located in Zinfandel Hall. For students not required to be on a meal plan, Dining Dollars and meal plans are available as well. For more information, you can contact Seawolf Service Center at (707) 664-2308.

There will be a variety of places to purchase food during the course of the weekend. For your convenience the Move In Map includes eating venues plus where to shop locally.