Moving Out of the Residential Community

Residents must vacate 24 hours after their last final or no later than 11 a.m. on December 16. There are no exceptions and failure to comply with this deadline may jeopardize your ability to return for future years. Please make sure you make your travel plans accordingly. Below is information about moving out of the residential community and what needs to happen prior to moving.

Move Out Steps

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It is your responsibility to change your mailing, home address and phone number. We will be using the mailing addresses listed on your MySSU to forward your mail. Change your mailing address no later then December 31. Your HOME address is your permanent home and your MAILING address is for payroll related documents, financial aid checks, and where you want your mail forwarded. If you don’t have a MAILING address, we will use your HOME address instead. Housing will inactivate your campus address starting January 3.