Health Professions Advisory Committee

To assist students in deciding what career they wish to pursue, SSU has a Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) whose members act as advisors. The committee is composed of faculty members, many of whom are involved in teaching courses that are taken by pre-health professions students. In addition, there is an administrative coordinator in the Health Professions Advisory Committee Office (Darwin 200) who supports the Committee by scheduling activities related to health professions careers and application processes, keeping an information file on each applicant from SSU and maintaining a reference library of materials concerning health professions schools and careers.

In addition to advising, the Committee prepares the HPAC Letter of Evaluation which is a critical part of the application process for entrance into a health professions school. Most health professions schools place more value on the health professions advisory committee evaluation of a candidate than they do on separate letters from individual faculty members because of the broader perspective of the candidate by the committee and because this one letter contains a summary of many recommendations. Each spring, each student who is applying to health professions schools during the following summer and fall is given a practice interview with two to three of the Health Professions Advisory Committee members present. Many larger universities do not offer either of these two services.