Americans with Disabilities Act (Disabled Employee Program)


Sonoma State University seeks to assist applicants and employees with disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals.

Involvement of ADA Coordinator

Many conditions and accommodations are obvious and unquestioned. In situations where an accommodation is requested and there are questions regarding either the existence of a qualified disability, the need for an accommodation, or the nature of the accommodation to be provided, campus managers and supervisors need to consult with the ADA Coordinator If a manager or supervisor questions the condition, restriction or proposed accommodation, s/he must discuss the reservations with the ADA Coordinator before engaging in the interactive process with the employee. This will avoid managers and supervisors misunderstanding their obligations under University policy.

The ADA Coordinator assists managers and supervisors in evaluating needed information, employees' capabilities and limitations to perform jobs, entitlement to accommodation, appropriateness of accommodations, and related issues.

  1. Required Forms

    To assist in processing requests for accommodation, the ADA Coordinator's office utilizes the Accommodation Request Form , Verification of Disability Form , and Release of Medical Information Form . These forms may also be requested from the ADA Coordinator.

  2. Interactive Process

    An interactive process is required whenever an accommodation is requested. The interactive process seeks to resolve questions and to provide management with useful information and suggestions on how accommodation issues may be handled.

  3. Confidential, Personal, and Medical Information

    Commonly, medical and other professionals need to provide verification of conditions and limitations. Such information is confidential and must be handled carefully. It is common for doctors to both acknowledge a condition and provide a description of limitations or accommodations that are required or suggested.

Sonoma State University ADA Coordination

The following individuals provide ADA coordination in their specific areas, and may be contacted with regard to ADA issues, questions or concerns in that area.


Brent Boyer
Director, Disability Services for Students
(707) 664-2677

Employees & Applicants

Stephen Green
ADA Coordinator
(707) 664-3717

Architectural Accessibility

Christopher Dinno
Senior Director for Capital Planning, Design and Construction
(707) 664-2870


Joyce Suzuki
Managing Director, Employee Relations and Compliance
(707) 664-4470