2018/19 Team Impact Award Recipients

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Faces of SSU 2018

Casey Kelly, Mo Phillips, Mavy Arias, Ray Woodall, Dahlia Rodriguez, Danielle Glanz, Alice Jonville, Noah Bisping, Ryan Harvey, Remy Williams, and Ryan Ernst

Not Pictured: Kristen Reynolds

Faces of SSU 2018

This team was nominated for working together collectively and collaboratively, going far beyond the boundaries of their jobs to develop something truly outstanding for our campus to experience this year!  The Faces of SSU started back in 2012 from an idea talked about amongst some Residential Life employees who wanted to simply start some conversations and help people on campus connect with one another, seeing more than just faces but the human beings and stories behind each of those faces.  It is now an annual project which features story boards and photo exhibits of students on campus and it includes displays on campus, a reception in the Student Center and banners used throughout the year, including during Summer Orientation.  This year’s campaign embraced the Seawolf commitment and recognized students who truly demonstrated integrity, excellence, respect, and responsibility.  While countless students were nominated, only twenty students were selected to be part of this year’s campaign.  The Faces of SSU 2018 reflected each of their personal journeys, their individuality, their involvement on campus and their experiences at SSU.  The 2018 campaign really connected students on our campus, and in many ways.  This year’s campaign helped to further build trust, belonging and a sense of community on campus.