Team Impact Award

The Sonoma State University Team Impact Award is intended to recognize outstanding service by 2 or more individuals, i.e. student, staff, faculty, volunteers, and/or MPP who collectively make up a “team”, and is awarded to one “team” each year.


Must be and/or have:

  • 2 or more individuals
  • Current constituents of the campus community: student, staff, faculty, volunteers, and/or MPP – diversity in committee composition is encouraged but not required.
  • Specific mission or purpose
  • Working on project(s) outside of normal scope of job responsibilities, i.e. taskforces, committees, cross-functional work groups, and/or department(s) working on special project(s).


Team Impact recipients must have made a significant impact on the university through exceptional performance, excellent service to students, ingenuity, and high standards of leadership, as demonstrated by one or more of the following:

  • Contributions to and demonstrated commitment to the university's mission and core values, particularly in diversity and actions that improve student service(s) and success
  • Demonstrates exceptional communication and cross-campus collaboration to build collegiality of members of the campus community
  • Promotes improvements in health, safety, and work environment of the campus community
  • Achieves significant improvements in organizational innovation, ingenuity, efficiency and/or technological advancement

How to Nominate

  1. Complete the nomination form providing specific examples of the “team’s” outstanding service in the areas listed. Nominators may only nominate one “team” per cycle, teams may also self-nominate.
  2. Submit nomination form to Human Resources (HR), Salazar 2078 to be reviewed for eligibility, HR will then route to the “team” who must accept the nomination and return the form to HR. As applicable, HR may also consult with team members’ Appropriate Administrator(s) to solicit additional feedback.


Recipients of the Team Impact Award receive:

  • A personalized plaque
  • A gift
  • Photo and article in WorkPlace and placed on the HR website
  • Honored at the annual Appreciation event



Complete and submit the nomination form, then route the form to Employment Services. Give specific examples of the team’s service. Clarify or provide additional information regarding the nomination as requested by the Appropriate Administrator, Vice President, Employment Services, or committee members.

Appropriate Administrator and Vice President

Review the nomination. If there are questions regarding the nomination, clarify with the nominator or Employment Services. Sign the form and return to Employment Services. The Appropriate Administrator and Vice President may add comments prior to sending the form to Employment Services, for review by the committee.

Awards Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of a diverse group of full-time employees who have been employed at the University a minimum of two years. The number of committee members will be determined by the eligible divisional population.

The committee will meet together at least once to make their recommendation (April/May). Committee members will be responsible for reviewing all nominations in Employment Services and making their selections prior to the full committee meeting. Selections provided by individual committee members will be considered confidential.

The committee will clarify information on the nominations as necessary, select their finalists based on the rankings, and forward their recommendation through Employment Services to the President.

Committee members will maintain confidentiality in all aspects of the awards process. Committee members will use only information provided on the nomination form for making their ranking decision.

If a committee member accepts a nomination for the award, a replacement will be selected by the appropriate Vice President.

Employment Services

Provides overall coordination, support, and training of Awards Advisory Committee members. Establishes the nomination period deadline, distributes announcements and nomination forms,receives nomination forms and routes for signature, and holds signed nomination forms for review by committee members. Employment Services serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Awards Advisory Committee.