Sign-Up for new Student Assistants

Sign-up Schedule

If you are a new student assistant starting employment, please view the Sign-up Schedule and attend one of the listed sessions. Sign-ups are located in Employment Services, located on the 2nd floor of Salazar Hall. A reservation is not required.

(This does not include Instructional Student Assistants, Graduate Assistants or Teaching Associates. Students in these positions should call the Human Resources Department to schedule a sign-up.)

Who Needs to Attend?

A sign-up is required prior to beginning work for new Student Assistants or returning Student Assistants who have not worked at Sonoma State University within the past three years.

New Student Assistants may not begin working until they present their Supervisor with an “Employment Authorization and Checklist” given to them at the completion of the sign-up.  This form authorizes the student to begin work and may be used as a guide for a department orientation on the student’s first day.

For additional information contact Human Resources at (707) 664-4258.

Forms that you will receive at the sign-up

Below is a list of the forms that you will receive and complete during the new Student Assistant sign-up. You may choose to fill these out, print them, and bring with you to your scheduled appointment or an individual appointment. To schedule individual appointments, please call Human Resources.

Bridge Student Assistants

Bridge Student Assistants are required to complete two additional forms

International Student Assistants

International Student Assistants are required to complete three additional forms

Information - For Review Only

What You Will Need to Bring to the Sign-up

  • The Student Employment Form completed by your hiring department (if applicable).
  • Your completed Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 (Section 1 only) and appropriate identification to satisfy I-9 requirements. (Refer to the last page of Form I-9 for the list of acceptable documents.)
  • It is required that your name and Social Security Number are reported exactly as stated on your Social Security card to the Internal Revenue Service and California Franchise Tax Board. To help expedite this verification processes please bring your original, non-laminated Social Security Card to your in-person sign-up.  If you do not have your original card please advise us at the time of sign-up.  For future use you may request a new card from the Social Security Administration.