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Employment Services Forms


Staff Requisition Form

Standard Posting Locations

Unconscious Bias and Confidentiality Agreement
Must be signed by all members of a staff recruitment search committee and returned to Human Resources.

Applicant Authorization and Release Form
Applicant release of employment information for reference checks.

Reference Check Certification Form
CSU Policy HR 2015-08.11.A.3 requires Sonoma State University to contact current and former employers to verify a candidate's work history and skills prior to making a final offer of employment.

Recruitment Report
Summary of recruitment activity to be completed and approved before a job offer is made.

Recruitment Report (additional pages)
Please use this form if more than 4 candidates

New Employee Sign-ups

See New Hire Paperwork
Including staff, management, and faculty

See Sign-Up for New Student Assistants
Including student assistants, federal work study student assistants, international student assistants, and bridge student assistants

Special Consultants

Special Consultant Agreement Form

Special Consultant Processing Guidelines

Special Consultant vs. Independent Contractor Pay

Staff Transactions

Personnel Action Form (PAF)
Must be completed to make changes to an employee’s position including emergency hire, reclassification, pay increase, reappointment, reassignment, time base change, etc.

Emergency Hire and Short Term Appointment Application for Staff Employment
For Emergency Hire positions, Short Term appointments, Special Consultants, and Casual Workers. An online application is required for all positions posted on the Sonoma State University Job Opportunities page.

Staff Position Description
Staff Position description template.

MPP Position Description
MPP Position description template.

Labor Cost Distribution
Required to change the distribution of labor cost for an existing appointment.

In-Range Progression Review Request
For represented employees.

Classification Review Request
For represented employees.

Student Assistant Employment

Application for Student Employment
Required for all new student assistants.

Student Employment Form
Must be completed to make changes to a student assistant’s employment including hire, salary change, etc.

Student Assistant Evaluation
Optional evaluation form to be used to document requested pay increases or as a tool to provide feedback on performance.

Student Assistant Job Description

Foreign National Data Collection Form

Non-Citizen Supplement


Independent Contractor Review Form
Must be completed at the time of eReq.

Outside Employment Form
Must be completed by MPP pursuant to Section 42740 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations.

Outside Employment Form for Executive Employees
Must be completed by Executive employees (President and VPs) pursuant to Section 42740 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations.

POI System Access Request Form

UAW 4123 Enrollment Form

Request for Live Scan Service Form

Employee Relations & Compliance Forms

Performance Evaluation

CSUEU Performance Evaluation
CSUEU Units 2, 5, 7, & 9

Unit 4 Staff Performance Evaluation
To be used only for Unit 4 (APC) staff employees.

Staff Performance Evaluation
To be used for Staff other than Unit 4 (APC) and Unit 2, 5, 7, & 9 (CSUEU) employees.

MPP Performance Evaluation

Diversity and Non-Discrimination

Discrimination Claim Form

Payroll Forms

Retiree Benefits

CSU Retiree Voluntary Vision Program Enrollment Form

Retiree Dental Enrollment Change Request Form