Annual Benefits Open Enrollment

The annual benefits Open Enrollment period for CSU employees is September 11, 2017, through October 6, 2017. The effective date for all changes made during Open Enrollment will be January 1, 2018.

During the open enrollment period, eligible employees may:

  • Enroll in or change health or dental plans;
  • Add or remove spouse, domestic partner or eligible dependents to/from health and/or dental plan;
  • Elect or cancel FlexCash. If you have other non-CSU group medical and/or dental coverage, you may elect the FlexCash Plan which pays you cash in lieu of CSU coverage;
  • Elect participation or re-enroll in the Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) or the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA). If you are participating in 2017, and want to continue participation in 2018, you must re-enroll during open enrollment.

If you do not intend to make any changes to your health or dental benefits at this time, no action is necessary.

SSU Open Enrollment Fair

On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, we will be hosting an in-person Open Enrollment Fair in the Student Center, Ballrooms C and D from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.  We have invited participating health plan representatives who will be available to answer your questions. In addition, the dental and vision providers as well as some of the other voluntary benefit vendors, including our dedicated TSA representative from Fidelity Investments, will also be available at the fair. Enrollment forms and supplemental material will be available for employees.

2018 Health Program Highlights

  • CalPERS Health Plan Changes for 2018 - Beginning January 2018:
    • Beginning August 28, 2017, CalPERS subscribers will have access to log in to their my|CalPERS account to view their customized health information and verify health enrollment with 24/7 access to specific health benefit changes that may impact them in the coming year, review a list of enrolled dependents and decide on their health plan options for 2018.
    • Western Health Advantage is a new plan partner for 2018 and will provide coverage in several Bay area counties including Marin, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma.
    • PERS Select, PERS Choice, and PERS Care PPO plans will expand the use of Ambulatory Surgery Centers for Basic plans to include 12 new outpatient medical procedures, including sigmoidoscopies, tonsillectomies, and kidney stone treatments. A full list of procedures will be listed in each health plan's Evidence of Coverage. Also added was a site of care program to guide members who need certain prescription drug infusions to lower-cost sites than hospitals (e.g., doctor's office, ambulatory infusion center, or home infusion). Another addition is a mobile application called Quick Care to help members quickly identify nearby clinics and doctor's walk-in offices, avoiding the need to use more expensive emergency room care for their urgent care needs.
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) and/or Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) permit you to set aside a portion of your pay on a pre-tax basis to reimburse yourself for eligible expenses. If you are currently enrolled in the DCRA and/or HCRA, and wish to continue participation in the plan(s), you are required to re-enroll annually during open enrollment
      • The 2018 annual maximum contribution for the Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) has increased to $2,600. The HCRA plan offers participants the ability to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. The minimum monthly contribution for HCRA is $20 per month ($240 annually), up to a maximum contribution amount of $216.66 per month ($2,600 annually).
      • the 2018 annual maximum contribution for Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) remains unchanged at $5,000. The minimum monthly contribution for DCRA is $20 per month ($240 annually), up to a maximum contribution amount of $416.66 per month ($5,000 annually).
      • Flexible Spending Account Debit Card for HCRA Enrollees - As a reminder, HCRA enrollees are eligible to receive an optional Flexible Spending Plan (FSA) debit card. A set of two cards will be mailed to their home and additional card sets are available for $5 which will be billed to their FSA HCRA account. The optional “ASIFlex Visa Card” issued by ASIFlex, allows HCRA enrollees to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses (i.e., health, dental, vision, etc.) as payment at Health Care Providers and at certain retail locations that have implemented an Inventory Control System, per IRS regulations. Employees must submit the Debit Card Application directly to ASIFlex to enroll in the debit card. For more information about the debit card, please visit the CSU Systemwide Benefits Portal at:
      • FSA claim payments are issued daily. Claims can be filed online at, through the ASIFlex Mobile Application, by fax or mail.
  • Vision Plan - The CSU provides basic vision insurance automatically for eligible employees and their family members at no cost for 2018. The monthly premiums for the basic vision plan will continue to be fully paid by the CSU for the 2018 plan year
    • Effective January 1, 2018, employees will have the option to purchase VSP Premier coverage, an enhancement to the basic vision insurance plan. the VSP Premier plan offers a higher level of benefits for lenses, contacts and frames. VSP offers a large network of contracting providers including both optometrists and ophthalmologists to choose from when vision care is needed. Both VSP plan options utilize the VSP network of providers, however, out-of-pocket costs associated with the plan options will vary. Employees should use the VSP Vision Benefits Summary to determine which plan suits their vision needs. Employee who choose to enroll in the new Premier Vision Plan, may enroll directly with VSP through the VSP website at or by calling (800) 400-4569. If an employee chooses to enroll in the Premier plan, any dependents that need to be covered must also be upgraded to the Premier Plan coverage. Employees cannot enroll in both the Basic and Premier coverage at the same time.
    • Highlights of the CSU sponsored vision plan can be reviewed by visiting the or by visiting VSP at or by calling (800) 400-4569. Please refer to the vision plan's Evidence of Coverage (EOC) booklet for a complete explanation of the benefits covered, as well as limitations and exclusions that apply.
  • Voluntary Benefits - The following voluntary benefits are offered through payroll deductions:
Voluntary Benefits
Plan Vendor
Auto and Home Insurance 1-866-680-5142 California Casualty
Critical Illness Plan 1-800-433-3036 Aflac
MetLaw Legal Plan 1-800-438-6388 Hyatt Legal Plan, Inc.
Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance 1-800-378-5745 The Standard
Voluntary Life Insurance 1-800-378-5745 The Standard
Voluntary Long Term Disability 1-800-378-5745 The Standard
TSA Program 1-800-343-0860 Fidelity Investments

  • Additional information regarding these voluntary benefit plans and how to enroll can be found on the CSU Systemwide Benefits Portal at: Please note that all of the above voluntary benefit plans, with the exception of the MetLaw Legal plan, allow employees to enroll throughout the year. Rates for The Standard Voluntary plans are listed in the 2018 Voluntary Standard Rates sheet.
  • MetLaw Legal Plan - This is your annual opportunity to enroll in the MetLaw Legal Plan for a low monthly premium. The monthly premium rate of $21.70 will remain the same for the 2018 plan year. The MetLaw Legal Plan offered by Hyatt Legal Plans, Inc., provides representation for many personal legal services for employees and their eligible dependents. Participants can receive services from a Network or Out-of-Network attorney. Services for covered legal matters performed by a Network attorney are fully paid for by the plan. Out-of-Network attorney fees for covered services are reimbursed based on a set fee schedule. Employees that do not enroll in the plan during open enrollment, will not have another opportunity to enroll in the plan until next year’s open enrollment period.
  • CSU Retiree Internet Website - During Open Enrollment and throughout the year, CSU retirees can access health, dental, and vision information online by going to CSU Retirees with questions regarding health or dental eligibility and access to my|CalPERS should contact CalPERS directly at (888) 225-7377.
  • New for 2018, eligible CSU retirees have the option to enroll in the VSP Premier Vision Service Plan, an enhancement to the Basic VSP Plan during the Open Enrollment period at an additional cost. For additional information, retirees should visit or contact VSP at (800) 400-4569.
  • CSU Dental Program - There are no benefit changes. Dental premiums will continue to be fully paid by the CSU for the 2018 plan year.

To make an Open Enrollment change, please:

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If there is a discrepancy between this information and the official plan documents and contracts, the official documents will always govern.