Meet the Staff

HUB Director: Mark Fabionar

Mark Fabionar has enjoyed working at the HUB since 2012 and has been a professional in the field higher education for twenty years. In addition to creating university centers and programs that promote inclusivity, vitality and justice, Mark has also taught undergraduate and graduate courses in comparative ethnic studies, writing, psychology, and leadership studies.  


HUB Program Coordinator: Carina M. Buzo

Carina Buzo has a Bachelor of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies with a concentration in Sociology and a minor in Queer Studies from Sonoma State. She also has a Masters of Education in College Student Services Administration with an area of specialization in Intersecting Identitites at Predominately White Institutions. Carina is the Program Coordinator for Campus Life and the HUB. At the HUB she directly supervises the student assistants and focuses on program support.


Student Staff:

Advertisement & Marketing: Nanette Reyes Cruz

Nanette graduated from Sonoma State in December 2016. She was an Anthopology major with a focus in Linguistics and a Philosophy minor and is now a Masters student in Library and Informational Science. She loves comics, movies, and books (when she has the time to enjoy them) and has a distinct love of photoshoping things into space when she's not working on ads for the HUB. She also has an article published in the SCURF 2015 journal about microaggressions at SSU, if you're interested in that sort of thing.


Office Hours:

    If you'd like to speak to Nanette about online marketing oppurtunities through the HUB you can send her an email at


Ongoing & Close Partnerships: Carly Solberg

Carly is a second-year student at Sonoma State and a Women and Gender Studies major. She grew up in Napa with her parents who raised her to value and advocate for social justice issues. Carly identifies as queer, and is passionate about LGBTQ+ issues and topics. Along with being a social justice activist, Carly loves to laugh and make others laugh. Stop by the HUB and make Carly laugh!



Office Hours: