Identity in simple terms means who we are as individuals! Our identities can be expressed by clothing, hairstyles, makeup, piercings, music we listen to, movies we watch, what groups/clubs we are involved in. Our identity is influenced by race, culture, sexual orientation, religion and beliefs. While gender is often lumped together with sexual orientation and confused with biological sex, the three are actually different things! Gender can be expressed through a number of ways, not limitied to what was listed above, for some people their presentation doesn't even match what their gender is! Gender can be fluid, can change, and it can stay the same, the importance is in knowing who you are and being okay with that.

    Many individuals who identify as gender they weren't assigned at birth, identify and being Transgender—some don't and that's okay too—these individuals face oppresion and discrimination at multiple levels in their lives. The movement to recgonise the inherent right Trans individuals deserve as human beings is a long ongoing process with a long history that you'll be able to see a glimpse of below.