Laws & Protections

On Privacy

  • Your school does not have the right to “out” you to anyone without your consent.  Even if you are “out” to people at school, schools are not allowed to discuss your gender or sexual identity.

On Harassment

  • Under U.S. Constitution, public schools have to address any harassment against LGBTQ students the same way as they would treat any other harassment case.
  • Title IX is a federal educational law that prohibits public schools from ignoring harassment based on gender stereotyping. In simple words, this means school officials can’t ignore a bullying case because a boy wears makeup or a girl dresses in men’s clothes.
  • California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law in August 2013 Assembly Bill No. 1266 which prohibits discrimination of transgender people in public education.  This is the nation’s first law that requires equal access to public school facilities and activities based on gender identity.  In other words, people can choose which lockers or bathrooms to use if they identify with a specific gender.