Here is a list of past and current television shows, movies and music that have influenced our American culture on gender.  

  • RuPaul Drag Race is a reality competition show that is about finding “America’s next drag superstar”.  The show features a panel of judges and weekly challenges.  RuPaul Drag Race is a play on drag racing and has been awarded as an Outstanding Reality Program. 
  • Boys Don’t Cry is an American film that details the life of a transgender man, Brandon Teena and his romantic relationship with a woman, Lana Tisdel.  The film went on to win prestigious awards and brought many issues to the forefront such as causes of the violence against the LGBT community and issues around gender, race and class. 
  • Lauryn Hill is an influential musician from the 1990’s who rap and sang about gender, race, class, gender, sexuality and many other issues.  Lauryn Hill has not made an album since 2002 but many musicians credit her as an inspiration for their music.  
  • Orange is the New Black is hugely popular show streaming on Netflix.  The show is based on real life, Piper Kerman’s memoir about her experiences while serving a criminal sentence at a minimum security federal prison. The show has been accredited for humanizing prisoners and for showcasing race, class, gender, and body types.