Social Media

Social Media is a part of daily life. Rarely are phones put down for more than a day. While you are on your choice of social media, feel free to check out the list of social media sites that might be helpful to finding answers, community, and beauty.
Here is a list of social media pages to follow and look out for regarding gender:


  • Kat Blaque @kat_blaque
    • Kat Blaque is a transgender African American feminist vlogger, YouTube personality, activist and illustrator.
  • Janet Mock @janetmock
    • Mock stepped into the limelight after writing her memoir, Redefining Realness. In it, she details her journey as a transgender woman, cementing her role as an LGBT activist.
  • Laverne Cox  @lavernecox
    • If you binge-watched Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, you're well aware of Cox. She plays Sophia, a transgender prisoner with a penchant for hairstyling. Off the screen, Cox is also a producer and LGBT advocate. Plus, she and Janet Mock are friends and tweet each other all the time.
  • Laura Jane Grace @laurajanegrace
    • Up until 2012, Laura Jane Grace was better known as Thomas James Gabel, the lead singer of punk band Against Me!. After a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone Gabel revealed she was a transgender woman and would henceforth go by the name Laura Jane Grace. The band is still going strong (releasing a new album titled Transgender Dysphoria Blues) and Grace has taken on an activism role while working on a memoir.
  • @Jezebel is a pop culture page that features women, sex, celebrity and fashion without sugarcoating and airbrushing issues
  • @UN_Women is the official United Nations (UN) page for gender equality and women’s empowerment.
  • @HeforShe is about the UN Women’s He For She campaign that is a soldidarty movement for gender equality.


  • This blog celebrates gender diversity through art!
  • This blog features graphics on feminist issues!