Learn & Teach

  • There are so many ways to learn about gender at SSU!
  • If you are a Professor, a Faculty or Professional Staff member, or even a Student Leader interesting in learning how to be a better Ally to LGBTQ+ students and members of the community, then you can easily sign up for SSU's SafeZone Training.
  • For Professors and Students hoping to become teachers, there are a lot of resources floating around the web about how to be gender inclusive when creating lesson plans! Here's some of TransStudentEducationalResources' TeacherTips, and here's a way to practice using all sorts of pronouns that you may encounter your students using.
  • Interested in learning more about gender because you're questioning your own orientation? Then check out our Community Support page and our Terminology page to connect with other Sonoma State Students who are questioning the gender binary.
  • Here's a cool video by Buzzfeed to use as resources to teach yourself or others!