Meeting Spaces

  • Lounge & Conference Room
    The Living Room and Conference Room is for the use of students. It can be a space to do some homework, hangout and chill with friends, or just a nice place to nap. There is no designation of what anything is suppose to be, but it will be what the students who occupy it need to be. There may some times when the room is reserved for certain parties, but there is a board that notifies everyone what is happening in the HUB daily.
  • Reservations
    Reserving either the Living Room and the Conference Room could be done on the HUB home page on the calendar at the bottom. Also, there is the option of coming by the office and having a staff member input the reservation. The Reservations do include setup and takedown of the space. Lastly, there could be tech provided.

Both of these spaces can be reserved for Clubs, Student Groups, or other organizations on Sonoma State Campus.