Academic Advising

Faculty in the Human Development Program are committed to enhancing the major advising experience by developing tools to help students get the most of their advising sessions. HD majors are expected to come prepared to advising appointments they make with HD advisors and the coordinator (i.e., with forms completed and supporting documents in hand). Under Forms & Information you will find useful advising material, including links to common forms and video guides to filling them out. Under Academic Advisors you will find contact and office hour information for the HD Coordinator and all HD faculty advisors.

If you are an HD major sending an email to an HD advisor or the coordinator you MUST include your full name and SSU ID number in the email. Students can expect to receive a response to their email within 24 hours (weekdays) and 48 hours (weekends). All official SSU buisness conducted via email, including academic advising, is sent to students' SSU email account, even if the student's email is sent from a non-SSU account. HD majors must check their SSU email account daily to avoid missing important announcements and responses from the cooridnator.

If you are a student who is interested in declaring Human Development as your major, please review the information under Applying to HD. If, after reviewing this information, you still have questions about the HD application process, you are encouraged to meet with the HD Coordinator. Please note, however, that the HD advisors and the coordinator, do not do academic advising for non-HD majors. Advising of non-HD majors is limited to answering questions about the HD application process and prerequisites.

Need help reading your ARR, running a What-if Report, or figuring out how to add, drop, or waitlist a course? You can watch advising videos on these topics and more on the School of Social Sciences Advising Resources page.