B.A. in Human Development

(For students who declared between Fall 2012 and Spring 2015)

NOTE: While all of these courses count for the degree for students who declared Human Development in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015, Some of them are no longer available to Human Development majors. To see a more accurate list of available courses, plase see the 2015-2016 course list.

Students who declared Human Development priory to Fall 2012 must review the catalog copy for the year academic year they declared the major in order to view the program requirements.

Core (21-25 units)

HD 391 Seminar in Human Development (taken in the Junior year) (2 units)

ANTH/HD 318 Human Development: Sex and the Life Cycle (3 units)

One of the following (3-4 units)
ANTH 342 Organization of Societies OR
WGS 385 Gender and Globalization OR
ANTH 340 Living in our Globalized World (GE-E)* OR
SOCI 485 Organization of Everyday Life

One of the following (3-4 units)
GERN/PSY 421 Psychology of Aging OR
GERN/PSY 408 Adult Development OR
GERN/SOCI 317 Emotions and Adult Life (GE-E) (approved substituion for 2012-2013 majors; see Coordinator) OR
GERN 300 The Journey of Adulthood (GE-E) (approved substituion for 2012-2013 majors; see Coordinator)

KIN 410 Lifespan Motor Development (3 units)

One of the following (3-4 units)
PSY 410 Child Development OR
PSY 412 Adoscent Development OR
EDEC 420 Child Development in Family, School and Community (GE-E)*

WGS 350 Gender, Sexuality and Family (3-4 units)

HD 490 Senior Project (taken in the last semester) (1 unit)

Major Perspectives (at least 1 course in each perspective)

Comparative Perspective

ANTH 302 Biological Basis of Sex Differences (4 units)

ANTH 340 Living in our Globalized World (GE-E)* (3 units)

ANTH 380 Language, Culture and Society (4 units)

ANTH 386 Sign Language and Signing Communities (4 units)

EDUC 417 School and Society (3 units)

GERN/SOCI 319 Aging and Society (GE-E) (4 units)

ANTH 383 Language in Sociopolitical Context (4 units)

PSY 328 Multicultural Psychology (4 units)

WGS 375 Gender, Race and Class (GE-D1) (3 units)

Sociological Perspective

CCJS 441/SOCI 314 Deviant Behavior (4 units)

EDMS 470 Multicultural Pedagogy (3 units)

GERN/SOCI 332 Death and American Culture (4 units)

GERN/PSY/SOCI 432 Group Work with Older Adults (4 units)

SOCI 312 Sociology of Gender (4 units)

SOCI 315 Socialization (4 units)

SOCI 326 Social Psychology (GE-D1) (4 units)

SOCI 445 Sociology of Childhood and Adolscence (4 units)

WGS/SOCI 440 Sociology of Reproduction (3 units)

WGS 390 Gender and Work (4 units)

Psychological Perspective

EDEC 420 Child Development in Family, School and Community (GE-E)* (3 units)

PSY 302 Life Span Development (GE-E) (3 units)

PSY 325 Social Psychology (4 units) (approved substitution for the Sociological Perspective in place of SOCI 326; See Coordinator)

PSY 411 Behavioral and Emotional Problems of Children (3-4 units)

PSY 412 Adolescent Psychology* (3-4 units)

PSY 418 Psychology of the Family (3-4 units)

PSY 447 Learning and Behavior (4 units)

PSY 448 Cognitive Development (4 units)

PSY/GERN 422 Seminar in Living and Dying (3-4 units)

PSY 461 Personaility Development (4 units)


ANTH 451 Applied Ethnographic Methods (4 units)

ANTH 480 Studies of Language Use (4 units)

EDEC 460 Studying Children in Context (formerly EDEC 331 Practicum in Child Study)(3 units)

PSY/GERN 493 Narative Methods (4 units)

PSY 380 Introduction to Psychological Research Methods (4 units)

PSY 441 Qualitative Methods (4 units)

SOCI 300 Sociological Research Methods (4 units)

WGS 425 Feminist Research Methods (4 units)


Any courses from the above list, HD 495 (Special Studies) or HD 496 (Internship) taken to get to 40 units in the major.

*Courses that appear in the Core and a Perspective can be used to count in one, but not both, areas.