Benjamin Smith

HD Internship Coordinator

Title: Assistant Professor of Human Development
Phone: (707) 664-2181
Office: Stevenson Hall 2054H
Phone: (707) 664-2181


I’m fascinated by the process through which children come to be more fully social and cultural beings, especially the way in which language mediates this process. I pursue this interest in contexts in which the question of who or what counts as human is heightened - for example, in contexts in which children interact with non-human animals, toys, tools, avatars, new forms of media, etc. I have a geographical specialization in the languages and culture of the indigenous Peruvian Andes. Before arriving at Sonoma State, I taught for four years in the Department of Anthropology at Vassar College.


  • Ph.D. in Human Development and Linguistics, University of Chicago 2011

  • BA in Anthropology, Wake Forest 1999



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