Undergraduate Human Development Internships

The Human Development program now offers a structured internship program designed to enable our advanced, most committed students to gain first-hand experience in a variety of different professional settings. On this webpage, you will find information about the basic design of the internship program, the selection process for internships, information about the evaluation of student internship work, and information about the current internship opportunities.

Basic design of the internship program

The available internship experiences have the following characteristics:

  • They provide students with training in skills relevant to some specific professional context.
  • They are programs designed to facilitate positive change across the life course.
  • They provide training in professional contexts appropriate for Human Development majors.

Participating as an undergraduate intern allows you to do the following:

  • Apply theoretical concepts from your classes to real-life situations
  • Develop skills necessary for working in human development-related career contexts
  • Test out a possible career interest
  • Improve your qualifications for jobs and/or graduate programs
  • Help local agencies provide services that facilitate positive life course change