Program Requirements: 2016-2018

These are the major requirements for students who declare Human Development between August 2016 (for Fall 2016) and January 2018 (for Spring 2018). Please check your Academic Requirements Report to view your catalog year.

Students must receive a C in all courses applied to the Human Development Major

Core (20 units)

ANTH/HD 318 Human Development: Sex and the Life Cycle (GE-E) (3 units)

HD 490 Senior Project (taken in the last semester) (1 unit)

HD 450 Research Methods in Human Development (4 units)

HD 350 Topics in Human Development (12 units)
(3 4-unit courses or 4 3-unit courses with different topics)

Topical Areas

Four courses, one from each topical area, taken from at least three different departments. For these purposes, EDXX courses count as the 'same department' (Education); GERN/SOCI cross-listed courses count as the 'same department' (Sociology).

Childhood and Adolescence (1 course)

EDEC 220 Observing Child Development in the First 8 Years (4 units)

EDEC 420 Child Development in the Family, School and Community (GE-E) (3 units)

EDEC 435 Advocating for Children and Families (4 units)

EDEC 437 Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms (4 units)

EDSS 418 Development in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood (GE-E) (3 units)

HD 325 Topics in Human Development: Childhood and Adolescence (3-4 units)

Adulthood and Lifespan (1 course)

ANTH 303 Human Behavioral Ecology (4 units)

BIOL 318 Biology of Aging (GE-B) (3 units)

GERN 300 The Journey of Adulthood (GE-E) (3 units)

GERN/SOCI 317 Emotions and Adult Life (GE-E) (4 units)

GERN/SOCI 319 Aging and Society (GE-D1) (4 units)

KIN 410 Lifespan Motor Development (3 units)

PSY 302 Life Span Development (GE-E) (3 units)

HD 335 Topics in Human Development: Adulthood and Lifespan (3-4 units)

Gender and Sexuality (1 course)

ANTH 302 Biological Basis of Sex Differences (4 units)

NURS 480 Health, Sexuaity and Society (GE-E) (3 units)

WGS 325 Youth: Gender Perspectives (3-4 units)

WGS 350 Gender, Sexuality and Family (GE-E) (4 units)

WGS 375 Gender, Race and Class (GE-D1) (3 units)

WGS 385 Gender and Globalization (3-4 units)

WGS 390 Gender and Work (4 units)

HD 365 Topics in Human Development: Gender and Sexuality (3-4 units)

Society, Culture and Language (1 course)

ANTH 340 Living in our Globalized World (GE-E) (3 units)

ANTH 342 Organization of Societies (4 units)

ANTH 380 Language, Culture and Society (4 units)

ANTH 383 Language in Sociopolitical Context (4 units)

ANTH 386 Sign Language and Signing Communities (4 units)

EDMS 470 Multicultural Pedagogy (4 units)

EDUC 417 School and Society (GE-D1) (4 units)

SOCI 326 Social Psychology (GE-D1) (4 units)

HD 375 Topics in Human Development: Society, Culture and Language (3-4 units)

Electives (select any of the following to get to 40 units)

ANTH 451 Applied Ethnographic Methods (4 units)

ANTH 480 Studies of Language Use (4 units)

EDEC 460 Studying Children in Context (4 units)

EDEC 490 Special Topics in Early Childhood Studies (1-4 units)

HD 496 Internship (1-4 units)

HD 495 Special Studies (1-4 units)

Any courses listed aboved that are not applied to topical areas or the core (3-4 units)