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"The University is a community of scholars that has as its primary purpose to unsettle the minds of students, to widen their horizons, to inflame their intellect..."
— Dr. Robert Maynard Hutchins, American educational philosopher


"I cannot stress how thankful I am to have taken part in Hutchins...I came into Sonoma as a closed-minded and shy student, and I left Sonoma as an empowered woman ready to debate, defend, and take on the world. I owe this all to you."
—Taylor Terhune, Hutchins graduate

The Hutchins School of Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary school within Sonoma State University providing Freshmen and Sophomore students an alternative General Education program, and Junior and Senior students a major in Liberal Studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The Hutchins School also offers the four year-long Blended Program, which leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. A minor in Integrative Studies is an additional option for students pursuing majors in other areas of study.

As a nationally recognized leader in the movement for reform in higher education, the Hutchins School has maintained its commitment to innovative pedagogy and interdisciplinary inquiry since its inception in 1969. The Hutchins School emphasizes:

  • Learning to learn: Acquiring skills, habits, and insights that will foster enduring intellectual curiosity
  • Seminar learning: Students conduct round-table discussions with classmates and instructors on assigned readings, films, and lectures
  • Small classes: Twelve to fifteen students generally constitute a typical seminar class, in addition to a Hutchins School professor
  • An interdisciplinary approach: Courses combine the varied subject matter and methods of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences

Whatever a student’s goals may be, Hutchins students learn to read perceptively, think critically, and express thoughts in speech, writing and other media. The Hutchins School is designed to encourage students to take themselves seriously as readers, writers, and thinkers capable of continuing a lifelong educational process. Most importantly, a Hutchins education helps students to clarify values which are crucial to their personal, social, and professional lives.

To learn more about the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, please explore our website or call the main office at (707) 664-2491.