Ajay Gehlawat

Ajay Gehlawat

Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Theatre & Film
Ph.D., Theatre and Film, 2007, City University of New York Graduate Center
Email: gehlawat@sonoma.edu
Voicemail: (707) 664-3178
Office: Carson Hall 33

Professional and Personal Interests

My research and teaching interests range from international cinema and film theory to transnational forms of popular culture and cultural identity. My primary areas of expertise include non-Western cinemas, particularly popular Hindi cinema, aka Bollywood; film and postcolonial theory; South Asian diasporic studies; and critical cultural studies. I am also interested in representations of race and ethnicity in American cinema; multiculturalism in European cinemas; and, more broadly, in the global circulation of popular cinemas and cultures. In addition to teaching in the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, I serve as Coordinator of the Film Studies minor (http://www.sonoma.edu/filmstudies/) and Director of the new MA program in Film Studies at Sonoma State (https://www.sonoma.edu/exed/film/).

Selected Course Offerings

Bollywood and Globalization (LIBS 209)
Minorities in American Cinema (LIBS 204)
Introduction to Film Studies (LIBS 320C)
Migrants and Contemporary European Cinema (LIBS 320D)
Stardom and Cinema (LIBS 320C)

Selected Publications and Presentations

"Triumph of the Rajput: Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the fascist aesthetics of Padmaavat." Studies in South Asian Film & Media, 9:2 (2019)https://www.ingentaconnect.com/contentone/intellect/safm/2019/00000009/00000002/art00007

"The Picture is Not Yet Over!: The End Credits Song Sequence in Bollywood." South Asian Popular Culture, 15:2-3 (2017) http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/H3gi9jgCfUbp2AxE7djN/full

“Black Voice, Brown Skin: Auto-tuning Akon for Bollywood.” Cinephiles, Fandoms, and Global Media Cultures: Indian Cinema from a Transcultural Perspective, UC Berkeley (2017) 

"The Metatext of Bajirao Mastani: Intolerance in the Time of Modi." South Asian History and Culture, 8:3 (2017) http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/pyq7gzrNMApEJQfmazqV/full

"From Vamp to Queen: The Remixed Sound of the Bollywood Scene," in Music in Contemporary Indian Film: Memory, Voice, Identity, Ed. Beaster-Jones and Sarrazin (Routledge, 2016) https://www.routledge.com/Music-in-Contemporary-Indian-Film-Memory-Voice-Identity/Beaster-Jones-Sarrazin/p/book/9781138929364

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The Slumdog Phenomenon: A Critical Anthology
(Anthem, 2013) http://www.anthempress.com/slumdog-phenomenon-pb

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