Hutchins Institute for Public Policy Studies and Community Action

The mission of the Hutchins Institute for Public Policy Studies and Community Action (HIPP) is to promote discussions about environmental and socioeconomic issues on and off campus, and to facilitate research and projects on these topics.

In keeping with this mission the Hutchins Institute collaborates with various organizations in the community such as Community Action Partnership, Latino Service Providers, North Bay Organizing Project. It is currently assisting in the implementation of Latino Student Congress VII, a two-year Roseland Mural Project, and the poverty-fighting musical program El Sistema in Sonoma County.

Previous Projects Include:

1. Coalition for Latino Civic Engagement (CLACE): Its mission is to collaborate with Community Action Partnership to organize a coalition of several other organizations with expertise in voter registration to promote “Su Voto es su Voz,” a voter registration and education project in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa. See

2. The Association of Hutchins Alumni (AHA): a network of individuals interested in lifelong learning, featuring occasional seminar reunions and the Alumni Book Club.

3. Northern California Earth Institute: to promote discussion groups based on a series of five group-study guides on various topics relating to sustainability (on-going).

4. Roseland Redevelopment Project: A project to turn the Roseland Shopping Center located on Sebastopol Road (to Dutton Avenue) into a three-story building with low-income housing on the third floor, offices on the second floor, and businesses on the first floor, and to include in this urban development a multicultural center and a plaza with a kiosk and gardens (on-going)

5. On March 30, 2009, HIPP submitted a proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy for a project under the Hutchins Institute: Northern California Alternative Fuels Training Consortium. It was written by Shirley Johnson, a graduate from the Hutchins Master’s Program Action for a Viable Future and Dr. Vazquez agreed to serve as the Principal Investigator. It will be resubmitted in 2010.

6. College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) (2002-2007): recruitment and support of first year college migrant or seasonal students at Sonoma State University, Santa Rosa Junior College, and Napa Valley Community College.

7. Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE): a research project to determine the levels of civic engagement among Latino high school students (2002-2003).

8. The Student Congress I-VI: a high school-based project that promotes Socratic seminars among underserved high school students (1992-2997).

HIPP as a clearinghouse: The Hutchins Institute invites the submission of proposals to promote activities that are in keeping with its mission. Anyone interested in participating in any of the listed current activities or wishing to propose new projects should contact the Director.

Contact information:
Director: Francisco H. Vázquez
Carson Hall #34
(707) 664-3185