Student Honors

Graduation With Distinction--Fall 2012 Honorees

Ashley Marie Betando
Natalie Cannon
Robin A. Kearsley-Luke
Alicia Ncho-Oguie
Jeffrey Alan Nickel
Cecily Marie Stevens

Congratulations to these outstanding Hutchins graduates who have made a difference in the Hutchins community!

What is Graduation with Distinction?
Distinction is an honor conferred on students by a vote of the Hutchins faculty. Unlike awards based on GPA, like cum laude and summa cum laude, graduation with distinction is given to students with outstanding service to the Hutchins Community. Some of these students also have excellent academic records, but graduation with distinction is meant to recognize service to Hutchins and is not based academic qualifications. Students who graduate with distinction have a special seal affixed to their diploma, and have this honor listed in the commencement announcement and on their official transcripts.

How do I Graduate with Distinction?
Some reasons for conferring this distinction include exemplary service in the Hutchins Art Show (LIBS 342, Fall semesters), exemplary service in Zephyr (the literary arts magazine, LIBS 341, Spring Semesters), outstanding service in campus leadership (like helping with Hutchins SOARS, work as a RA, student governance, etc.), major involvement in Hutchins Club leadership, teaching student taught courses (LIBS 499 courses), working in the Dialogue Center, working with the scientific education community, completing internships which directly serve the Hutchins community, and other service that improves the image of Hutchins at SSU or in the broader community. Occasionally, graduation with distinction will also be conferred on students who represent Hutchins and SSU in academic conferences or academic contests.

Students who participate in these activities are not automatically guaranteed graduation with distinction. The faculty grants graduation with distinction to honor students who contribute to the vitality of the Hutchins Community, as recognized and voted on by the faculty.

If you want to be considered for graduation with distinction, get involved! Enlarge your experience by participating in Zephyr, the Art Show, working in student governance to represent Hutchins, helping out with Hutchins events, leading workshops or dialogues, volunteering for the Science Fair and other education opportunities as a representative of Hutchins, presenting papers at academic conferences, or through other activities that improve the visibility and reputation of Hutchins in either SSU or in the broader community. Let us know what you are doing that might qualify you for this honor. We are always looking for ways to enhance the reputation of Hutchins at SSU and beyond!