Introduction and Purpose

What's in a Name?

Sonoma State University is well known for its academic excellence, savvy students and illustrious/esteemed alumni who positively affect an international community with creativity, critical thinking and a sense of global responsibility.

A strong brand identity reinforces those qualities and helps distinguish Sonoma State from other universities. It also contributes to its reputation, and thus its ability to recruit outstanding students, faculty and staff, and engage alumni and the community.

Placement of the University logo, use of its colors, and how staff members refer to themselves help define the Sonoma State identity, and are critical to maintaining a consistent style and voice among the various publics, both on and off campus. The Identity Toolkit is intended to provide guidance on how to best showcase SSU's visual representation in those realms.

This section is essentially a living document and will be updated as needed. We invite you to look through this Identity Toolkit and contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Paul Gullixson
Associate Vice President, Strategic Communications
Advancement Division