Nine students from the 2005-06 freshman class grace this issue’s cover. They are, from left to right: top row, Lily Comess, Ashley Carrion, Tyron Johnson; center row, Garrett Chavez, Janell Hughes, Samuen Hin; botton row, Rachel Hersh, Londi Cox, Chris Ellner. Learn what brought them to SSU this past fall.
A pdf version of the entire issue is available here.

Sonoma Insights is the University magazine of Sonoma State University. It is published twice each year by the University Affairs Office. The print version is distributed to alumni, faculty, staff, parents of students and friends of SSU.


  • Feedback Letters from our reader and updates on recent Insights stories
  • Perspective Professor Emerita rapp Ruddell looks at how technology affects communication between teachers and students
  • School of Education Accredited The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education decides Sonoma State's School of Education meets their rigorous standards.
  • School of Education Dean Named Mary Gendernalik-Cooper.
  • Making History "I think my gradpa is Deep Throat." Sonoma State history professor Steve Estes heard these words whispered to him as a student turned in a paper last spring.
  • Improving Lives The California Institute on Human Services tackles a wide range of human service projects, aimed at redressing the lives of people living with domestic violence, disabilities or debiliating economic disadvantage. And more.
  • The New Freshman To be a freshman at SSU in 2006 has distinct differences from the freshman experience of 20 or even 10 years ago.