On Campus

Have you seen Sonoma State University lately?


Current faculty, staff and students know the physical changes that have taken place over the past decade or so, but for those who have not scan the campus recently, when you finally do, your comments may be like alumnus Trevor Howe (B.S., 2003, Business Administration), “The Schulz Information Center (#28) is truly a new type of building and the renovated Salazar Hall (# 26, which used to house the library) is a place where students can go to get all their business done—it’s attractive and functional. And one fewer concrete buildings can only be a good thing (Salazar Hall was painted a beige color).”

Sonoma has become a residential campus with 2,400 of its 8,500 students living in one of the villages on campus. The newest village, currently under construction, is called Tuscany (#33) and will provide housing for 700 more students. The Environmental Technology Center (#13) remains a “building that teaches.” The Green Music Center (#16) is currently under construction and will be a world-class musical venue when it opens in the next few years. The education wing welcomed students this fall.

The campus has come together very well as can be seen in the map on the left, created by artist Eric Martin. Plan to walk the campus when in the area. Try entering through the new “north” entrance
(#22), parking in Lot L, M, N or O and walk the 269-acre site. Be sure not to miss the Alumni Grove (#1) where a time capsule was buried in 2001 and will be re-opened at Sonoma State University’s 100th anniversary in 2061. Calendar that!

Or if you would prefer a guided tour, book a tour at http://www.sonoma.edu/ar/tours.shtml and also learn about the programs, faculty and students that make Sonoma a premiere California institution.

To see this map in its entirety, with the numbered buildings, go to http://www.sonoma.edu/university/images/artistic_map.pdf.