President's Message

President Ruben Arminana

Each fall when students return, I am reminded of the breadth of information, research, study and knowledge that is part of Sonoma State University. The faculty each and every day inspire their students to think logically, dream freely and take part in solving the ethical, scientific, moral and practical issues of their generation.

I am proud of the work in which our students toil. As you can see through the cover story on our Anthropological Studies Center, students—working with professional staff and faculty—are looking back at the past as they shape the future. Technology now plays a critical role in everything we do, from cataloging the artifacts found on the Heinlenville dig to researching the history of those early inhabitants.

The story on page 14 has been—in the eyes of some—a somewhat controversial one for Sonoma State University. Professor George Ledin is teaching students how to create computer viruses. He feels that we must teach our students how viruses are written before they can conquer the work of cyber-felons. With a strong dose of ethical studies by Professor John Sullins, the students are readying to become the computer security professionals of the future.

And if we begin to lose sight of the day-to-day enjoyments amid studies and exams, our athletic teams continue to give us reason to cheer and be proud. Not only do student-athletes excel in their chosen sports, they excel academically as well. Our excellent golf team, featured on page 10, is an example of dedication and commitment. I believe Sonoma and its faculty, staff and students possess these same values.


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Ruben Armiñana, President