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Academic Requirements Report Known Issues

This website is maintained in an effort to inform the campus about current known issues with the Academic Requirements Report (ARR).

Google Chrome users may experience issues printing an ARR.

Please use a different web browser to print the ARR.

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  • If you have completed a course that will be accepted towards a requirement in your major but it is not showing on your Academic Requirements Report, your advisor will need to submit a

    Request for Substitution form.

120 Unit Minimum Baccalaureate Degree Requirement: 
Repeating of Courses Issue

  • This requirement currently includes Repeated courses that are In-progress. This means your total Taken will be temporarily inflated until the grade is posted for that repeated course.
  • SSU has a 24 unit maximum on courses taken and completed with a grade of “CR” or “Credit”.  The ARR is not able to impose this limit, so all “CR” graded courses may count towards your degree. Your overall units will be adjusted appropriately to reduce the excess units when you apply to graduate, if you have exceeded the maximum of 24.
  • SSU has a maximum on 2 of the same Topic, such as “Weight Training” taken under course “KIN 101”.  Your overall units will be adjusted appropriately to reduce any excess units when you apply to graduate.

GE-Nine Units of Upper Division Requirement

  • Students may only satisfy this requirement if they take the course in the term in which they complete 60 units or after they have reached Junior Academic Level. Therefore, courses taken in the semester in which a student will become a Junior can be counted. The ARR looks for any applicable coursework after a student reaches 60 units. If you are enrolled in a course that you think should count towards this requirement but is not showing on your ARR, check with Admissions and Records.  The course can be manually applied to your ARR once the grade has been posted.

First-year Language Course

  • A first-year language course may only be selected to meet GE area C4 if the student has met the high school subject requirement (2 years) in a different language or if the student has completed one year of a different foreign language at the college level. Therefore, SSU first-year language courses are not designated with a GE area until evaluated by A&R.

Major Specific Issues:

GE Area B1 may be missing for Nursing Majors

  • CHEM 60 transferred from Santa Rosa Junior College will receive GE Area B1 for Nursing majors only.