Red Condor Spam Filtering

Red Condor is the the software the University uses to quarantine potentially unwanted email. All employees and students with an Exchange email account will receive a Daily Digest listing mail items that have been quarantined. Links in the digest will allow you to view/release any possible false positives, provide feedback to the Red Condor system, and add addresses to your whitelist and blacklist, which are called "Friends" and "Enemies" in Red Condor.

Quarantined messages are stored in your Personal Dashboard which is accessed via a website link sent to you via email in your Daily Digest.

Your Red Condor Account

Your Red Condor account will allow you to set the delivery frequency of your Daily Digest; add and remove address from Friends (whitelist) and Enemies (blacklist); see what files have been quarantined and release them if they are not spam.

Your Personal Dashboard

The Personal Dashboard is your control panel for managing your email filtering settings. The Personal Dashboard has 4 tabs:

  • Messages - Displays the messages that have been quarantined.
  • Settings - Lets you set the frequency of your digest delivery, report format and time zones.
  • Policies - Control how filtered messages are processed and set up friends and enemies lists.
  • Status - Shows status of your digest including how many emails are quarantined

Accessing your Personal Dashboard

There are a couple ways to access your Personal Dashboard.

Accessing through Daily Digest Email

If you have received any Daily Digest emails this is the easiest way to access your Personal Dashboard:

  • Open any Daily Digest email message from your email.
  • Click the My Account link at the top of the email message.

The second way to access your Personal Dashboard is to login through Red Condor.

  • Click SSU Red Condor
  • If this is your first time logging in you will need to create an account
    • Click the Personal button.
    • Click Signup.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Create a password.
    • Click Signup.
    • You will receive the message:
      • A signup confirmation email has been sent to with instructions for activating your account. You must complete the activation process in order to verify your identity.
    • Open the email and click the Activate link sent to you by Red Condor. You should now be logged into your Personal Dashboard.
  • If you have already created your account:
    • Click the Personal button.
    • Enter your email address and password.
    • Click Login.

Quarantining Messages and Users

While the university tries to prevent a majority of the spam at the system level, users will still see some emails trickle through. As such, each user can also blacklist / whitelist their own sets of accounts to deal with these problematic emails.

There are a couple ways you can do this.

  • Report the spam to Red Condor.
    • To report spam to Red Condor you will forward the email as an attachment. The following instructions are for users who using Microsoft Outlook. For tips on other email programs, see Helpful Links about Red Condor:
      • Highlight the email that is spam plus one more email.
      • Right click and choose Forward. (This will open a new email with both messages in the attached field).
      • Delete the message in the attached field that is not spam.
      • Address the email to
      • Click Send.
  • Add user(s)/domain(s) to your blacklist
    • Adding users to your blacklist will prevent any further emails from a user or a domain.
      • Log in to your Personal Dashboard.
      • Click on Policies.
      • In the Enemies box, type the email address of the account your no longer want email from
        • If you do not want email from the entire domain from that account, type in *.domain.ext (ie. * This would stop emails from an entire domain.
      • Press the + .

Helpful Links about Red Condor:

  1. For an introduction you can watch this video about the Personal Dashboard.
  2. Detailed FAQ with search
  3. How to add someone to your friends list (whitelist) or put someone on your Enemies list (blacklist).
  4. To change your password, sign up again, or log in to your Personal Dashboard you can go to SSU Red Condor and click on Personal Dashboard.