Using Qualtrics

The Qualtrics survey tool is an easy-to-use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys. The survey tool is available at


  • Quick Survey Builder that guides beginners through creating a survey
  • Survey Library with templates that you can customize to meet your specific needs
  • Tools to send and track participation invitations and reminders
  • Tools to display survey results, graphically and statistically
  • Export data features, including to Excel or SPSS
  • Integration with SSU Online Services single-sign-on authentication

Getting Started

To learn how to sign-in to the Qualtrics survey tool, see our quick Instruction for Qualtrics Sign In (PDF)

Introduction/How To

Create new surveys

To create a new survey, select the Create Survey tab after logging in. Use the"Quick Survey Builder" to help build a survey, or pick a survey template from the "Survey Library."

Edit existing surveys

To edit an existing survey, select the "Edit Survey" tab. For more information on using Qualtrics to create and distribute surveys, visit Qualtrics Support.

Share surveys with other user(s)

Qualtrics collaboration tools allow users to grant other users access to edit, view results, copy or distribute their existing surveys. Access can be granted to users with an SF State account, or to an external user of Qualtrics. Visit the Collaboration page on Qualtrics Support to learn more.

Move surveys to another user

Qualtrics allows users to export or import surveys (.qsf file). The file can be used to archive surveys, or to transfer ownership to another user. Learn more about this feature on Qualtrics Support Import and Export Surveys page.

Download survey data

Qualtrics users can export collected raw data for use in the following statistical programs: SPSS, SAS, STATA or Excel. The available file types are .CSV, SPSS, Fixed Field Text, XML, and HTML. Learn more about this feature at Qualtrics Support's Export Data Overview page.

Export a survey

  1. On the Edit Survey page, select Advanced Options
  2. Select Export Survey or Export Survey to Word
  3. Select to Download or Save the file in the browser download box
    Note: With Internet Explorer, you might need to click on the yellow bar at the top of the page to give it permission to download the file

Import a survey

Open the Advanced Options menu on the Edit Survey page and click Import Survey. There are two options for importing a survey:

This would be a survey you had created and exported or that someone else had created and sent to you. The survey will import without any further formatting.
The text file option is appropriate in an automated system, where you have a back-end program that automatically generates .TXT surveys for you to import. Generally, if you are creating surveys yourself or bringing a survey in from another survey platform, it is quicker and easier to simply recreate it in Qualtrics.


Ethics / Responsibility

Investigators intending to conduct research involving human subjects should carefully review Sonoma State University’s Policy Human Subjects in Research. For general questions on the review process, call, 664-2448 or email

Support / Contact Information

For additional support or questions, please contact or