Class Test Scanning

IT Scanning News

  • IT Test Scanning turnaround time for the 200 Answer Score Sheet is two (2) working days with results sent by email only. Note:  To save time, you can process your own tests within minutes on the Self-Service Scanning station located in the Faculty Center.
  • When submitting more than one test version, a key is required for EACH version.
    • A test version must be bubbled in on ALL tests, including the key(s).
  • Test packets missing any required data on the 200 Answer Score Sheet will not be scanned. This will be noted on the scan request form when the tests are returned to the instructor.

The Class Test Form to use is ParSCORE200 Score Sheet.

Form highlights:

  • 200 Answers are on the front of the form making it easy for testing.
  • Optional Mini Blue Book on the back of the form.
  • Quick and easy processing of class tests.

The form can be purchased at the SSU Bookstore.

Bubble in Test Form!

The Key and Student Tests must have the same Test Form letter bubbled in if more than one key is submitted. Failure to do so will result in tests not scanned and the instructor will be contacted to make correction(s).

Bubble Student IDs!

Students must bubble in their student ID numbers. Failure to do so will result in tests not scanned and the instructor will be contacted to make correction(s).

Student ID numbers must be correctly bubbled to be read by the scanning system.

  • The Student ID field is in the upper left-hand corner of the test sheet.
  • The Student ID is a 9 digit field, 9 digits are required!
  • Only the the first 9 positions (A-I) should be filled out.
  • The Student ID number must start in the 1st position (A) and end on the 9th position (I).
  • If a Student ID number is less than 9 digits long, add leading zeros to the blank spaces at the beginning of the Student ID.
  • Leave position J blank!
Sample Student ID with Position J left blank
0 0 0 5 8 5 1 0 8  

Report Options

Faculty can choose from several report formats.

The Class Response Report is a student by line-item report that shows each students response and whether they answered each question:

  • Correctly
  • Incorrectly (and what a, b, c, d, e position they bubbled)
  • Multi-marked items
  • Omitted items

Sample Class Response Report (PDF)

  • Position (a, b, c, d, e) entered by the student.
  • Questions omitted

This is the most basic report. It gives an alphabetical listing of the students and lists most relevant information:

  • Number of questions
  • Number of correctly answered questions

This report includes the following optional features.

Note: these options must be selected on the Class Test Scanning Form:

  • Raw score (includes letter grade)
  • Percent score (includes letter grade)

Sample Class Roster Report (PDF)

This report is included with all test scanning, and provides:

  • Basic information about the overall scores,
  • Percent of students who answered a particular question correct
  • Number of student responses in each answer position (a,b,c,d,e),

This report includes a statisitical summary:

  • Total possible points
  • Mean score
  • Median score
  • Standard deviation
  • Number of student tests scanned
  • Reliability coefficient (KR20)
  • Highest score achieved
  • Lowest score achieved

Sample Item Analysis Report (PDF)

This report is two parts.

Statistical Summary:

  • Number of students
  • Total Possible Points
  • Mean Score
  • Media Score
  • Highest Score
  • Lowest Score
  • Standard Deviation

Table detailing data for each raw score:

  • Percent Correct
  • Number of Students
  • Percent of Class
  • Cummulative Percent
  • Percentile

Sample Score Distribution Report (PDF)

This 1-page per student report includes:

  • statistical summary for the student
    • possible points
    • raw score
    • objective score
    • exam number
    • percent score
    • letter score
  • the student's specific test response statistics:
    • questions answered correctly
    • questions answered incorrectly
    • multi-marked questions
    • omitted questions
    • bonus test items

Sample Student Test Report (PDF)