Turnitin.com Plagiarism Prevention

SSU has a site license for Turnitin.com's plagiarism prevention service. Turnitin is a web-based tool that allows instructors to evaluate student writing for possible plagiarism. Instructors create Turnitin Assignments, then students upload and submit their papers to the website.

Turnitin compares submissions to billions of pages on the Internet, commercial databases of journals and periodicals, and other papers already submitted to Turnitin. An "originality report" details matches found.

Grademark and Peermark Included

SSU's Turnitin license includes access to Grademark and Peermark.

  • Grademark allows instructors to make review, grade and provide feedback.
  • Peermark allows instructors to set up and managage Peer Review assignments.

Using Turnitin With Moodle

Instructors using Moodle can add a Turnitin Assignment directly from the Moodle course homepage. Any grades posted via Grademark will automatically show up in the related Moodle course Grades view.

Using Turnitin Without Moodle

Turnitin can be used directly at the Turnitin website, without using Moodle. Follow the steps below.

  1. Request a copy of SSU's Turnitin Join Account code (Seawolf ID Required)
  2. Login to Turnitin.com as a new user.
  3. Create your profile.
  4. Join Sonoma State University's Turnitin account.
  5. Create a class.
  6. Create an assignment.
  7. Enroll your students.
  8. Then your students will be able to connect to your class in Turnitin.com and upload assignments.

Step by step instructions for this process are available on the Turnitin website.

Most of the work above is done automatically if you use Moodle to access Turnitin.com.

Need Help?

Most problems users report are related to improperly configured browsers. These articles describe the browser and system requirements and how to resolve errors. Teachers should share this info with their students.

Questions? email martha.ezell@sonoma.edu.