Using Zoom Web Conference Meeting in Moodle

Requires Teacher Role

Zoom is a full-featured web conferencing tool that allows instructors to host an entire class meeting online with a webcam, screen-sharing and annotation, voice and text chat. Students may use various devices to participate in a Zoom meeting including MAC/PC computers and iOS/ Android devices.

Use Zoom meetings with Moodle for the following online instructional activities:

  • Deliver and record a lecture online with presentation slides
  • Display any software or webpage on your computer to share with students
  • Moderate an online class discussion with webcam video/audio or chat
  • Invite remote guest speakers to your online class meeting
  • Meet individually with students online to provide instructional support or guidance
  • Moderate online group presentations and debates
  • Check in with group to view progress of group projects

Add a Zoom Meeting in Moodle

  1. Log into Moodle.
  2. Select your course from the My Courses menu
  3. Click the Turn editing on button.
  4. In the appropriate week or section/topic area, click + Add an activity or resource.
  5. Select Zoom under ACTIVITIES and click the Add button.  [view screenshot of step 5]
  6. First time Sonoma State Zoom Users: If this is the first time you are using Zoom at SSU, click on Sonoma State Zoom account link, then click on the Login link located at the top-right corner of the SSU Zoom page. Log in using your SSU ID and password (the same used to log in to Moodle). After successfully initiation of your Zoom account navigate back to the browser tab with the Moodle page where you had begun to add a Zoom activity. Refresh/reload your browser page on Moodle. Click on the Continue button.
  7. Skip to the next step if you have previously activated your Sonoma State Zoom account
  8. Enter the appropriate information in the following fields and select your preferences for each Zoom meeting option: [view screenshot of step 8]
    Topic (required):
    Enter a descriptive name for the meeting in the Topic field. This will become the name of the link students view on your Moodle course page.
    Enter information about your Zoom meeting in the Description field. Include the purpose of the meeting, agenda, and any general instructions on how to prepare or participate for the upcoming sessions. Include expectations for conduct.
    Display Description on the course page:
    Select the check box to display the online class meeting description on your Moodle Course page
    Skip to the Recurring option and select the adjacent check box if you wish students to use the same recurring Zoom link to join your online class throughout the semester (recommended).
    Select options for “When” only if you wish to select a specific date/time that will generate a unique zoom link for a one-time use Zoom meeting that will expire according to the duration selected. Select the Day, Month, Year, and Military time (24 hour-clock) from the pull-down menus. Skip if you have selected the Recurring checkbox.
    Enter the duration of time in the text field then select a time interval from the pull-down menu (minutes or hours recommended). Skip this option if the Recurring check box is selected.
    Leave blank (use not recommended)
    Host video:
    Whether or not the host of the meeting will have their webcam turned on (default on)
    Participants video:
    Whether or not the participants joining the meeting will have their webcam on by default (default on)
    Audio options:
    Both (recommended default), participants can use either a telephone, computer or mobile device to join the meeting audio. Otherwise select from the following individual options:
    Telephony only:
    Participants must call in to the meeting via telephone
    Voip only:
    Participants can only speak and be heard through a computer or mobile device
    Meeting option:
    Select the enable join before host checkbox (recommended) to allow participants to join the meeting before the host does.
  9. Click Save and Return to Course.