Common Network Initiative (CNI) Access Layer - Currently On Hold

The Sonoma State Information Technology team is upgrading the campus network in coordination with the Chancellor’s Office. This project is a Chancellor’s Office funded and scheduled activity to refresh (upgrade) the backbone network equipment at every CSU campus. The installation dates have been set by the Chancellor’s Office and our AT&T partners. Due to the nature and the amount of equipment being replaced, brief intermittent network downtime will be required.

The schedule is very important and will briefly impact academic and administrative spaces. When network maintenance is occurring, impacts include all network connectivity including VoIP telephones. We are trying to minimize the impact of the network down time to the campus community, and are developing a building-by-building plan outlining when and which areas are specifically impacted. On the planned dates, the network in the impacted areas will be unavailable for a two to four hour period.

Please note that the overall schedule has been set by the Chancellors Office, and that the installation time frame is rapidly approaching.

Installation and Migration Schedule

Please send any important dates you have for events, classes, camps, year-end etc. to help with creating the new schedule. Please send the updates to: