Common Network Initiative (CNI) Upgrade

Information Technology will be upgrading the campus network in collaboration with the Chancellor’s Office and the Common Network Initiative (CNI) this summer. The CNI project is both scheduled and funded by the Chancellor’s office, and will upgrade the network infrastructure at every CSU campus. Due to the nature of this project and equipment being replaced, intermittent network downtime will be required.

In combined efforts with the campus community, the Chancellor’s Office, and AT&T, we developed a schedule that attempts to best accommodate the needs of both this project and the campus community. Please note that the schedule will briefly affect academic and administrative spaces, with impacted areas experiencing outages for a 2-4 hour period. During the maintenance schedule, there will be network outages that include VoIP telephones. We are trying to minimize the impact of network downtimes to the campus community.

Installation and Migration Schedule

For additional information, please contact: